Network Marketing and Your first Email

Creating your first email is an exciting time, but for some it can be an anxious period. Many network marketing professionals often hire outside sources to handle their email marketing gambit. This piece will help those who don’t have the money or time to invest with specialists. Creating an email campaign can daunt the most determine minds, but with the right tools it can be done right. Your first email, either the welcome or the initial follow up is one of the most important ones that you need to create first. This particular email will help you keep your subscribers attention to the following series.

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Creating a Network Marketing Welcome Email
Every network marketing email campaign needs a welcome email. This email will set the stage for your campaign, it should outline the upcoming events and content in minor detail. Your letter will have to explain to the reader how, where and what they can expect from your future emails. This letter is not difficult and it can include links to your website so they can refresh their memories. The letter can be designed on the host template and the text added from a word processer itself. You should keep it brief and warm, without being too business like or two flirty. A business casual approach would be ideal for some people.

Overview of Network Marketing Emailing Frequency
How often should you email your subscribers? There is a lot of debate on forums from Aweber to Constant Contact about the right frequency. It depends mainly on their interest level. How sensitive is your content? Most emails can be sent once a week, even though there are daily digests that are sent out, but that is a lot of work and involves other tools. You don’t want to bore your readers or make them forget about you. It is hard to find a good balance to know when to schedule your email delivery. In general, news should be sent at least once every two weeks, email course once a week and others can vary between once months to once a day.

Network Marketing Emailing Mistakes
Network marketing comes with bruises and scrapes, hopefully you will only make them once. Forgetting to use a good subject line or including your contact information is some key ingredients to losing subscribers. Be careful with your content, make sure that you always proofread and align your content in the right areas. Always send a test email before scheduling it for a release.

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