Network Marketing Affiliate

Make Money from HomeWe get a ton of people that constantly ask us what they can do to make money online. Of course, as you know, there are many ways to make money online advertised these days. Two of the best ways is to either become a network marketing affiliate, or a.k.a. network marketing distributor – or to do affiliate marketing…where you sell products and get a commission.

Both are great ways to make money, and in fact in the internet age people actually have begun to combine these two money making methods in order to take advantage of both opportunities.

In all actuality, the term network marketing affiliate would correctly be someone who gets a commission for marketing products based around the network marketing industry.

Basically training materials, eBooks, etc.

The distributor is the person that’s actually involved with a network marketing company and sells products for that company.

But nothing says that you can’t do both. For instance I am a network marketing affiliate, because I sell information products around the network marketing industry. The fact is that I’ve written my own books, but in the midst of training my organization, very often there are training materials that I feel very confident about recommending, and I do so as a network marketing affiliate.

As a network marketing distributor, it’s very important that if you’re going to recommend a product to your downline for training purposes that you feel very confident that the product that you’re recommending is one that you can fully stand behind.

We only recommend those products that we have digested, and have used and proven the effectiveness of.

Ann and I believe that there are things to be learned from many different sources that will help our organization grow their businesses, and become more effective network marketers. I try as a network marketing affiliate to be very diligent about this. First and foremost I’m a network marketer and network marketing trainer myself, having trained literally thousands of people worldwide to see success as with their network marketing businesses.

We enjoy both aspects as both distributors and network marketing affiliates, and feel very proud of what we’ve been able to show other people to do.

But we, as you should make sure that if you’re going to take on both roles, you do so by being integral and only recommending those products that you believe in. Furthermore, we recommend that you actually become proficient in network marketing as a distributor, and then as you learn more about the industry start to sell products as a network marketing affiliate.

The reason is first because focusing on the affiliate marketing first will take away from your becoming a world class network marketer and building a huge downline, and second because then and only then do you truly understand the industry enough to be able to recommend products.


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