Network Marketing Advice – Are You Making This Major Mistake with Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re looking for

network marketing

advice that will help you grow your business, then you should pay close attention to this article.
Network Marketing
What I’m about to tell you, if you’ll apply it, can change the course of your business forever.

What I’m about to tell you, is what 99% of people don’t understand about the

network marketing


Network Marketing

Advice You Should Truly Apply

Okay, so let’s get to the meat of this

network marketing

advice. What is it that’s so important for you to make huge gains in your network marketing business?

Well it’s something I see over and over again. It’s people NOT CONNECTING with their prospects on a personal level.

Here’s what usually happens…

When someone first starts in

network marketing,

usually they’re not trained correctly first of all… so they’re main concern out of the gate is to get that first person to sign up to their business. Now I do agree, it’s important to get off to a nice running start and see fast success. That’s great motivation to carry on.

But with that zeal to get their first sign up, they forget that this business is about connecting. And that connection should NOT start once someone signs up with you, it should start from the very beginning. From the very first time you speak with them.

And so since people don’t start this right away, it becomes a habit for them NOT to connect, and therefore they never learn how to do it.

The good part is that it’s not that hard. That’s another reason why you’ll love this

network marketing

advice, because it’s so easy to apply.

All you have to do is to ask questions and listen!

How simple is that? If you ask questions, listen…you can make more money. So why doesn’t everyone do that? I really don’t know.

So what kind of questions should you ask? Well, you should ask the kind of questions that you would ask a friend. Ask about family, ask about where they’re from, ask about what they like, what they don’t like. You can ask about their career, and again the aspects of their career that they do and don’t like. You can ask about their dreams, their goals, and in return share some of yours. Maybe 2/3’s listening and 1/3 sharing! That’s a great way to judge if you’re connecting correctly.

And what do you do with the information that you get from them? You respond to it, you remember it, and you try as hard as you can to help them. That’s all; you try to serve them and help them with their dreams and goals, and even solve some of their problems.

Of course the good part is that much of the time either your products or your business opportunity can be the tool that helps them with those problems. But you’ll never know of course unless you actually connect with them.

That’s why this

network marketing

advice is so crucial, and why YOU should definitely be using it yourself.

But why is your upline not giving you this sort of

network marketing

If you’ve got upline sponsors that aren’t giving you this sort of training and explaining to you that you should connect with prospects and how… along with a step-by-step action plan, then you’ve got an upline who isn’t really very worried about your success, and they’re keeping vital info from you. Then again they may not even know themselves.


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