Modesty for the most part is a great element for people. It can be a problem for leaders that don’t want to own up to success or public achievement. This causes depression, fatigue, frustration and a whole lot of mixed emotions. These are the top issues network marketing leaders face already in a business that drives people hard. However, when a marketing leader is too modest, they will sabotage their self-worth and value.  Its ok to be modest and give credit to where it needs to go, the same is applied to failures as well. The individual should not take on the whole blame, unless it was truly them. This includes individual success for the leader as well.

network marketing leaders

Network Marketing Leaders should balance Modesty and Responsibility

Should network marketing leaders forgo modesty and other humility efforts? No, it should be balanced with responsibility. Taking ownership of success or even defeat is every leaders job. Some are doing it better than others, however for those who are weak in this area. Where do you go for help? Are you even willing to admit that your weak in this area? Confession to weakness is a great start to shifting the balance. It’s not easy to admit weakness, but in order to improve. One will have to overcome the denial. The balance of modesty and responsibility for millions is the hardest battle and some will never master it. Human nature is full of pride and defeating such darkness takes a supernatural hand and belief on the individual.

Network Marketing Leaders taking Credit and fault as needed

Network marketing leaders need to take both credit and fault for their actions as it arises. Appreciate and approve the achievements of yourself and others. Recognize problems and determine the causes and own it, if you’re the one that was at fault. Never play the blame game, lead by example and others will follow. It’s hard to own up to something if a few people are involved, and the same is applied to success. Working on a big project, individual duties and a well-organized system will go a long way to help. If you can’t do the organized chart, try to keep the project limited to a select few anyways. Assign a different project to different group. On the Battlefield: Leadership traits for the new Marketer Warrior offers great tools to help you become the best network marketing leader possible.One of the hottest eBook downloads, thousands are climbing their way out of the trenches to turn to a life that is more fulfilling as a leader. Are you ready to lead?

Network Marketing leaders


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