How to Stop the Sting of Rejection in MLM


How to Stop the Sting of Rejection in MLM
Let’s face it…rejection stings no matter what the circumstance.

Whether it’s in the dating world, with friends, jobs…it hurts a bit.

But it can seem to sting even worse when it’s MLM, and you’re new to it all, and you’re just cutting your teeth. You’re not sure if you’re doing things right in the first place, and surely in the back of your mind you’ve got all of those annoying little voices telling you that you’re a fool in the first place trying such a thing.

You know, you’ve got your spouse, your parents, your friends, everyone it seems already rejecting your choice to be a network marketing professional in the first place. So when a prospect says no to your opportunity, it has the tendency to pour salt on the wound.

So how do you fight such a feeling? What’s the best ointment to get that sting of rejection out?

Well first of all you have to come to grips that there actually is no ointment. That’s right I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that sting doesn’t just go away…it’s sort of like getting six-pack abs. You don’t just do sit-ups and crunches one day, and wake up the next day to washboard abs. You have to work and little by little the abs come!

Now there are people out there online who will tell you that the best way to stop pain of rejection is to hide behind your computer and market online. And they are right, that’s a quick fix to rejection…but it actually prolongs that effect of your family and friends rejecting your decision to become a network marketer since you’ll likely never see success.

Nope, getting rid of the sting of rejection takes nothing but time, and going through it a few dozen times. Each time it’ll get easier.

Each time, you’ll realize that “hey, that didn’t kill me”…and you’ll try again, and it will hurt less and less. You’ll eventually realize that by going through each rejection you’re getting to a point where it doesn’t hurt at all, and you’re anxious to get to the next rejection, because hmmm…every few rejections you’re actually getting somewhere and signing people up.

Very soon, the rejections start getting fun. Each rejection begins to actually have a monetary value on it in fact.

Let’s say you make 200 bucks every time you sign someone up as a fast start bonus. Then let’s say that you average a sign-up per every 20 people you talk to. Therefore each person that says no now actually is worth 10 bucks to you. How fast will you start going through those rejections now? How many times do you want to make 10 bucks should be the question.

The best part is that everytime you talk to someone…everytime you give your presentation…you get better. This means that eventually 1 out of every 10 people start to say yes, which brings each rejection up to being worth $20. Wow, that’s some good money.

The sting of rejection is something that you’ll have to work through, but just like getting six-pack abs and showing them off on the beach…it’s well worth the little bit of pain that we go through.

And the last kicker! If you’re willing to become a network marketing professional and get through those first few dozen stings, you’ll leave so much of your competition in the dust that you’ll look around and it will just be you and a few of the other heavy hitters out there.

That’s when the sting turns to pleasure!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you’ve dealt with rejection…or if you have any questions now’s your chance to ask.

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