How to Mesmerize Your Network Marketing Prospects

There are different levels of difficult in a network marketing business. Today’s topic will be discussing writing and how it can be used to mesmerize prospects. Not everyone can write like Stephen King, but everyone can write sentences. No matter how much glamor and sprinkles you use, it comes down to the written word. You must either learn to write well or hire someone that can. Writing well doesn’t always include perfect grammar, there are times when it will slap you in the face. You need personality and grace with a touch of the secret sauce. What is the secret sauce, you ask? You can’t handle the secret sauce, so it’s time to move on.

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What you know may open doors in Your Network Marketing business

What you know is key to operating any business, but it is especially true for network marketing. Sales copy will only do so much for a business, this includes reviews, testimonies and other junk that is overinflated with pretty words. We can now focus on the nit gritty work of what writers really do. They share information to help others, not like the “self-help” book series but more like the “how to for dummies” type of series. Your knowledge and skills from the real world may have tremendous value for your prospects.


So you’re probably wondering how you would apply some odd ball skills to your network marketing business. It depends on your specific industry within the MLM world, if you’re in beauty, and your skills have been in cosmetics. You can write on any topic that falls under cosmetics, hair, and beauty. Then you can move onto specific areas within the major categories. Auto mechanics and beauty do not mix well. But other knowledge may be useful with your business.


The secret art of mesmerizing prospects without sacrificing Network Marketing Ethos

Now that you have some working knowledge on how to find your niche topics. Your ability to craft compelling copy rests in your fingertips. Not everyone can be a good storyteller, but here are some ways to make your prospects fall under your spell. There are two main ways to capture audiences through sheer writing alone and one logical format. See list below.

  • Personality
  • Writing style (humor, serious, mixed)
  • Data driven

Personality works very well in Network Marketing, but it is a must to stand out in the world of content writing. Blogs and articles with horrible personality perform poorly than those that are boring and over driven by data. Your writing style will either drive people bonkers or attract them. You can experiment with different methods to find one that is acceptable to you. Data driven is the fall back if the writer has a style that is not really unique or appreciated by the marketplace. You should use data in some of your content to help your readers understand the content better.

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