How to Make Your Network Marketing On site SEO Explode

If you’re into network marketing and are looking for the best way to get found on the internet. This post will help you discover the power of SEO and how you can use it ethically and gain rank and traction for your business. If you’re looking for black hat efforts or cheap and easy, this post isn’t for you. “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” by Thomas H. Keith from the book “Seal Warrior”, with quote as subtitle. No matter how hard you work, the past day was easier compared to the difficulties that you face today with your business. Every day has its challenges and problems, it’s how you respond to them will define your character in the end.

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Top Secret to Making Your Network Marketing Website SEO effective

So you want to make your network marketing successful. The best kept secret in the world of website SEO is finding the right niche that has enough power to pull in traffic. Don’t go for common words like “mlm marketing,” make it more specific to your industry. Nail down some niche words that has a moderate to high search volume with a medium to low competition. If you’re in the health and wellness Mlm spectrum, you can look for keywords related from that general niche.

Your network marketing website may require several efforts to craft the right pages. SEO is not easy, it’s a long process and it may not always win you traffic. Your pages cannot be stuffed with long or short tail keywords. They have to be targeted. Get inside your prospects mind and start with potential phrases they may use to search for your business. Write them down and later on, you can use Google keyword planner or another tool to see how well they are performing.


SEO & Marketing Audits for Network Marketing Pros

Remember the quote from above, if not, you failed the test. Your network marketing business is not a fire and forget system. You have to measure and track your marketing and seo efforts. Yes, this means boring nerd stuff. You have to do a bench mark setting before launching your site and keep tally of the month. You have to run your campaign and track a variety of factors to see if your time is paying off. Its not easy, but only the serious will move forward in this career. Pay attention to your seo and marketing, every three months you will need to do an audit.

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