How to Eliminate 99% of Objection in Your Network Marketing Business

Here’s a very serious question that you should ask yourself.Elimination Objection in Network Marketing

Have you not done all that you can in your network marketing business because of the fear of objection?

That is one of the biggest causes of failure in the industry. No, it’s not the objections themselves that cause the failure, but the fear of the objection. It causes people to not start, to not follow through, and to basically just never get their home businesses off the ground.

Well, what if there was a way that you could eliminate 99% of the objection that you’re so afraid of? Would that be something that you would want to know about?

Of course it would.

Stop! Before you read on any further I’m not going to try and sell you some crazy objection busting software or ebook. That’s not really necessary since I can really give you the solution to objection in your network marketing business right here, right now… in this article.

Where Rejection in Your Network Marketing Actually Comes From…

There’s a reason that some network marketers see rejection around every corner and some rarely see it at all.

The difference is that the people seeing rejection are talking to all the wrong people, while the people skirting rejection are talking to the right people.

It’s that simple!

Ok ok, I know… what the heck qualifies someone as a right or wrong person? That’s what you need to know right? Of course it is. I’m going to tell you that right now.

It’s a question I’ve borrowed many times from one of the greatest marketers of all time, the late great Gary Halbert. The question is “Where’s the best place to open up a hamburger stand?”

Gary used to ask this at his seminars. Usually he’d get various answers regarding location, the corner, in a mall. Almost always location guesses. The answer though is very simple.

“In front of a hungry crowd”!

See, obviously if you opened your hamburger stand in front of a hungry crowd… a bunch of people who really WANT a friggin’ hamburger, how many objections do you think you’d get? Virtually none right?

Well it works the same for your network marketing business.

So do you see, the “right” person to talk to about your network marketing business, the person who will give you the least objection (if any at all) would be that person who is already looking for a business opportunity. But more specifically, it’s the person who’s already looking for YOUR business opportunity.

The person who is already sold on the idea of network marketing, already knows that it’s going to take some money to invest in a network marketing business, and already understands who you are, and what products that your business is centered around.

Basically it’s the person who comes to you asking to join your network marketing business.

Alright, that’s it for this post, but look out for the next post…I suppose a Part 2 to this post, which could be “How to Get Only the Right People Coming to You for Your Home Business Opportunity

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