How to Be Partners with Your Spouse…Without Killing Each Other

Having a home business over the last 2 decades, one of the things that make Ann and I different from most married couples in the world is that we work together.
We’re partners in our business.

What that means is that we’ve had to learn to work with each other. Being in this business, we’ve seen a lot of other couples having to do the same things, some where it’s worked, and other’s where…well…not so much.
Partnering with your spouse can be looked at two different ways. I look at it as a blessing. Neither of us has to get up and go to work in the morning for some corporation that really doesn’t give a hoot about us. We work in a caring environment, shoulder to shoulder with someone who absolutely loves us.

Well, okay, part of that statement isn’t exactly true and for a very good reason. You see, we don’t actually work shoulder to shoulder…in fact we work on separate floors of the home. Could this be part of our secret to success? I suppose it’s a large element yes.
That’s not to say though that we don’t still work great as a team.

One thing that’s very important to our success is that we are very respectful of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Well, Ann is respectful of my weaknesses…I haven’t found her to have any yet. Hmmm!
But she does have some strengths that certainly shine, and benefit us spectacularly.

In our business we have to motivate people. We have to make people accountable. But it has to be done in a very specific way. It has to be done through training.
Guess what. Ann is an incredible trainer and motivator and so that’s the tasks that she takes on most. She trains our new members to our team, and motivates them to go out there and find strength where they didn’t know they had it. She leads them to success. Of course we’re always out there working with our international leaders and supporting them as they grow and expand their teams around the world.

Also in business, if you’re going to stand out from the crowd (and network marketing is very competitive)…you have to have great out of the box marketing. That’s where I come in. It’s actually the part that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s also one of my strengths.

Bringing in new recruits through offline and online marketing is my biggest part in the business, and then when they [new members] come on board Ann jumps in and trains them to go on to radical success. It’s a system that we’ve developed and it’s worked wonders for us.

Another key factor in business is decision making. The decisions that we make today will effect our business tomorrow, and from here on out. Sure, some less than great decisions sneak through the cracks, but for the most part our decisions have helped make us successful and in turn we’ve been able to train thousands of people around the globe to achieve their own success as well.

But that being said, all of our decisions are made together! We carefully scrutinize our choices, the consequences, and the possible rewards of those decisions and we weigh them out. This can occur over dinner, over the phone when one of us is away, or even through Skype messaging. Yes we Skype each other up and down the stairs…it’s a great communication tool.
The bottom line is that we make the decisions together and we’re both accountable for those decisions. And when there’s a not so great one, we chalk it up to simply learning one way something won’t work, and we move on.

Can any couple work together as partners? I suspect that the answer to that question is no. However, I do believe that if you plan out your business, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of one another, make decisions that are mutual and thought out, and give each other their own space it puts the odds in your favor.

Oh, and if you’re a husband, and it comes down to it, always listen to your wife. For some darn reason they’re always right.

I’ll leave you with this famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Wishing you success…every day…
David Feinstein

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