How to Advertise your MLM Business Without Going Broke!


Advertising Your Business Without Going BrokeMost beginning network marketers immediately start freaking out about how the heck they’re going to afford marketing an MLM business. They start looking anywhere and everywhere…high and low… for the cheapest solutions possible.

They go to Google and type in “how to market my MLM business cheap” or something like that and what happens? They start getting a ton of people marketing to them, and letting them know that they can help them for a small fee of course.

Then they read all about that method of marketing their business cheaply and then never get around to it. They do get around to looking around again though, and back to Google they go until they find the next miracle way to get themselves tons of traffic to a website, or some crazy traffic exchange, or whatever it may be.

They spend more money trying to get cheap marketing methods than they do actually marketing.

The biggest sin of all in that whole process is that if they would simply market their MLM Business the way it’s meant to be marketed in the first place, they wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

You see, nearly any MLM business you join will supply you with marketing material when you join! You’ll get a big box of CD’s and magazines, and brochures, all kinds of materials that the company has already spent thousands of dollars on…tested…and proven to work most of the time.

It doesn’t cost a dime to talk to someone now does it? You see that’s what MLM is about. That’s why its other name is Network Marketing – hence the “networking” part.

If most new network marketers would simply utilize their warm market, or just talk to people, then they would end up making enough money to start actually paying for their marketing, and ramping it up on a bigger scale once their warm market had subsided.

They could save even more money if they would learn the practice of asking for referrals at each meeting they had with a prospect. Then 1 prospect turns into 3 – 5 prospects and so on, and it’s a never ending viral spiral.

Of course the internet is a legitimate way of marketing your MLM business. There are dozens and dozens of ways to do that as well.

Blogging, article marketing, social networking, free classifieds, forum marketing… are all free means of advertising. It takes a little bit of time and effort but they’re free cash wise.

I’ll go into each in more detail later on this blog…but if you’re really looking to have success in network marketing then you have to do those things that the foundation of the industry were built on first.

The best part…they’re all free.

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David Feinstein


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