How Do You Treat Your Network Marketing Retail Customers?


It’s amazing when I think about how many of you network marketers blow off massive opportunities of making tons more money by not paying attention to your retail customers.

This is an insane practice to say the least.

Let just think about how insane it truly is. Let’s assume that your network marketing company is in the health and wellness market as mine is. Therefore we’ll assume that your products then are nutritional supplements

Now let’s flip that and instead of network marketing, you’re now in a brick and mortar health store.

How long do you think your business would last if you were to treat all of your customers who came in and bought some products like crap, just because they didn’t also invest in your business while they were there?

I’m sure you’re wise enough to see that you wouldn’t be in business very long at all.

Let me tell you that you’re in the best business in the world, and here’s why…

You’re in a business where you have two separate ways to make huge amounts of money. But many network marketers totally ignore the retail customers simply because they’ve been misguided to go after the “BIG” money. They’ve been taught that the people who simply buy your products retail are just a residual byproduct of going after downline distributors.

But is this really true? Afterall, would there really be a business if there weren’t great products involved? Nope! It would simply be an illegal ponzi scheme!

And is it really true that retail customers are just a happy accident to running your business?

That’s like saying that there is NO potential with retail customers. The truth however is that there is tons of potential there.

Let’s face it. Not everyone is going to become a distributor just like not everyone who walks into a brick and mortar health store is going to invest in that business.

But if these people are willing to be excited customers and product users, isn’t that worth something? It’s worth more than you might think my friend, probably a lot more

And what if they’re just as excited to buy from YOU, because they see you as having expert knowledge about the products they love.

How much is that worth? Well, it’s worth tons and tons when they’re so excited that they start telling everyone they know. It them becomes spread virally, and there’s a great chance that one of two things will happen:

They’ll either realize that they may as well get paid for telling everyone about the products, or they’ll eventually tell someone who will be interested in having their own business, who could turn out to be a star distributor making you tons of money!

Actually, in some instances it may actually be better that you’ve got this maverick third party raving fan telling everyone about your products, who has nothing apparently to gain for doing so.

It’s time to start treating your customers like the gold that they are, and in my next blog post, I’ll show you some very creative and unique ways to do so.

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David Feinstein


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