Growing Your Network Marketing Home Business – How to Get Prospects from Your Lead List to Your Downline!

business-victory2When it comes to a network marketing home business there’s little that’s more important than being able to close leads.

But it’s also the part that people shy away from the most. People will build a huge list of leads sometimes, and have virtually no downline. When my wife Ann and I dig further into it to figure out what the heck is going on we see that they’re doing great at the lead generation, but they can’t seem to close the leads.

One of the main things is that people don’t want to get on the phone, or face to face, and talk to people anymore to build their network marketing home business. They’re fed so much crap about how you don’t have to do that anymore, and how it’s so “old school”, that they won’t do it.

Little do they know that those of us who are doing it old school and actually getting on that forgotten tool – the phone – are cleaning house and building huge world-wide organizations. It’s because we’re getting in personal contact with our leads.

Instead they’d rather try to sell them online, through their auto-responders, hoping to never have to do any of the true work that’s required.

While they’re doing that, those prospects are still searching online looking for a true team to join. A team that is proving to them that they’ll be there for them! One of the things that I hear constantly from the leads that I call is that they’re so happy to finally get someone to call them back, and so quickly too.

We always try to call within 24 hours to strike while the iron is hot.

So How Do You Close Leads and Get Them Off of Your Prospect List!

It’s good to have a prospect list, but the fact is that it’s not making you any money. Therefore you want to as quickly as possible get them off of that list onto the downline list, where you’ll be training them to change their lives forever… which in turn changes your life as well.

One of the first big tips for doing this is to just get on the phone to call the prospect…and fast. You’ve heard the saying “You gotta be in it to win it”….well that’s completely true with network marketing. By just making the call, you’re getting ahead of most of your competition these days already.

Next you need to listen to the needs of the prospect, and see if and how YOU can fulfill those needs. How much money do they want/need to earn? How fast do they need it? Why? These are just some of the things you need to know, but you’ll never know them if you keep running your mouth. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
Talk about the benefits of having a network marketing home business. Remember that benefits are much different than features. The fact that there’s a fast start bonus of $200 is great, but what they can do with that money is the benefit. You get the point!

Mostly just have confidence that you’re showing this person something that if done correctly could change their life forever. This means you have to commit to having posture that what you have, and what you’re sharing, is worthy and is a privilege for them to hear.

If you’ll just get in personal contact with your prospect for your network marketing home business, you’ll begin to see your downline grow. If you do what this article says when you do get ahold of them, you’ll see your downline grow by leaps and bounds.


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