Getting Rid of Mental Blocks for MLM Success


mental_blocksWhen it comes to success in MLM, most people are doomed before they even start. This usually has nothing to do with the industry at all, though the industry will get blamed.

The problem is usually already apparent in the person’s life in the first place. Many times, people who are desperate come to us for mentoring, but we quickly find out why they’re desperate… and very often the thing we have to tell them is that until they get things straight in their own minds, we probably can’t help all that much.

You see, most people are stricken with FEAR when they come to us. They will come to us looking for an easy way out, for quick money, and what they quickly find out is that with MLM the one thing that you will have to do is face your fears.

Fear of failure is often the big underlying aspect of it. Most people would rather not try anything than experience the feeling of failure. The problem with this is that usually the feeling that you imagine will happen is often 10 times the real feeling. In other words, even if you did fail, it wouldn’t be even close to as bad as you’re thinking it will.

The other biggie for the MLM industry is fear of ridicule. What will my friends and family think when they find out I’m trying to run my own business?”, “people are going to think I’m trying to scam them”, “nobody is going to want to do this with me, I’m not even successful yet”. I know from experience mentoring thousands of people that these thoughts will stop people dead in their tracks, and if not gotten past, this will cripple any chance of success that you ever had in this industry.

Here’s the dead honest truth. You probably will get ridicule by your friends and family. There you go, you don’t have to even worry about it anymore, because I’m telling you that it WILL happen.

Now here’s why it happens. For some odd reason, people hate to see other people striving for success. It’s just almost like a back handed slap in the face to them. From my view, it’s basically envy being expressed in the wrong manner.

In a nutshell, you going after your dreams; you trying to better yourself and your situation remind others that they should be doing the same. The way that they lash out from their own inner feelings of self-consciousness and guilt is simply to ridicule you for what you’re doing.

The thing is, and it’s time for you to think about this really hard. Where will it get you when you stop striving for your dreams because of these people that are ridiculing you?

I’ll tell you where it’s going to get you. It’s going to get you where they are…which is nowhere. You see, by stopping trying to fulfill your dreams, you’re falling right into the trap that these people want you to fall in. If you’re not living your dreams then they don’t have to feel guilty about not going after theirs.

Well that is until someone else comes along and start striving for theirs, then they have to start the “good” fight all over again trying to stop those people.

Don’t fall into the trap of going after you want because of useless fear. You will likely hit bumps in the road, you may even fall on your ass and fail completely. You will likely get ridiculed by those that are supposed to be there to support you. It will sting a little bit, but it won’t sting as much as it will when you’re reflecting back on your life about all the things that you “could have done” if only if!

Those who succeed in MLM, and any other area of life have all had to face their fears, and have all faced some very strong ridicule. They worked through it, and in the end they got to look back and be happy that they went after what they wanted with vigor and gusto. They enjoyed a much more fulfilled life because of it.

Fear is a dream killer, don’t let it kill yours.

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