Generating Leads for Network Marketing…Or Should You Just Buy the Darn Things?

leadsOh my. One of the things that almost every network marketer has trouble with is generating leads. I mean it’s pretty logical that this would be such a problem since new leads are one of the major aspects of the business…at least in the beginning.

A lot of people are left scratching their heads when it comes to lead generation. It’s one of those things that holds people back and creates a lot of failing network marketing businesses…rather than winning successful ones.

So what happens is that since they can’t figure it out, a lot of network marketers will end up going out and purchasing leads. Ouch. If ever there was a waste of money for your network marketing business…it’s purchasing leads. The reason being that the leads that you purchase…unless you’re spending tremendous amounts per lead…are almost all old used but – beaten and battered– leads! Yuck! Who wants to get stuck with a lead that 10 other network marketers have already called in the last week. Not me!

Therefore generating leads for network marketing is the best most efficient way to go.

But what does it take for this to be successful?

Well, there are a few elements that you MUST have…and it’s simple…but not always entirely easy. Does that make sense? In other words the concept is simple, but getting all of the elements in place in practice isn’t always so easy.

First of all you need a squeeze page, or at least a website or blog with an optin-form. That’s the bare bones basics right there. The form can be easily created through your auto-responder service. This is where you’ll manage all of the info that you collect through your form.

Next thing that you need is a money magnet, or what some affectionately refer to as “bait”. You need to give something to get something, and in this case it’s valuable “how to” information in exchange for the leads information. This can either be created by you, or you can outsource this to be created for you.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the auto-responder. I recommend either Aweber or GetResponse; these have proven to be the best. In the back office of your auto-responder is where you’ll be able to contact your leads as often as you want.

The best way is to contact them extremely often at first (each day for the first 5 to 7 days) and then maybe bi-weekly after that. As long as you’re giving them immense value each and everytime they won’t mind a bit. In fact, they’ll begin to really look forward to your mailings.

The last thing that you’ll need is major follow-up. This means that you hit them from as many ends as you can. Hopefully you’ll have a phone number, and better yet if you can an address. If you do get a number call them ASAP, while they’re still HOT!

Generating leads for network marketing isn’t terribly hard if you follow a few steps. The most important is following up efficiently.

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