First Year Network Marketing? How Will You Do?

If this is your first year network marketing, what is your outlook on your future? You’re probably wondering that same thing yourself. If you’re nervous, if you’re feeling a little bit lost and intimidated…well…don’t feel bad, because it’s normal.

You see, even though you’re having these feelings of doubt… and let’s face it – fear… your first year network marketing may just be one of the most important years of your entire life.

how to not fail
The opportunity that you’ve just walked into is astounding on a grand scale. It could be very well be the year that changes your entire life, and the shape of your income and lifestyle from here on out. So you owe it to yourself to take your first year network marketing very seriously.

Looking back over 20+ years ago, Ann and my first year in network marketing could have gone either way. We could have easily floundered along like so many others do, had we not partnered with extremely smart and savvy marketers…and more importantly brilliant mentors and trainers.

We could have simply “tried” network marketing, and never truly became network marketers. There’s a huge difference there…did you catch it?

It’s vital that you realize that in order to succeed dramatically, and get through your first year network marketing as a different person on the other side…a true winner…you can’t just “try” network marketing. If you want to earn a serious income, and seriously change your entire life, then you’ve got to get serious about this industry, and actually become a network marketer.

You’ve got to embrace it.

You’ve got to partner up with people who can show you a system that you can duplicate over and over again, and begin earning the serious residual income that you’ve heard about, but yet only seems like a distant dream.

That doesn’t mean you’ve got to get corny. It doesn’t mean that you have to become the stereotype of network marketing who becomes a parody in movies and SNL skits.

But you do have to embrace the proven elements of the industry that make it what it is…which is a business model that creates more wealthy individuals than real estate and stocks combined.

How will your first year network marketing be? How will you look back on this year? As a disaster, or as someone who found an organization that they could be proud of joining. Will be you one of the smart individuals who chose mentors and not deterrents to your future.


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