Email Marketing for Network Marketing – How to Increase the Click Thru Rate in Your Emails

Network MarketingHave you been trying to figure out how to get email marketing for

network marketing


Many people struggle with this, and if you’re one of those people don’t feel bad because you’re certainly not alone.

The truth is that there are things that you can most certainly do to increase the response of your emails, and most importantly increase the click thru rates of the links within your emails.

Email Marketing for

Network Marketing

Secrets… to Increase CTR

In the world of email marketing, most people simply don’t understand that the key purpose of each and every email that you send is to get someone to take action!

That action may be to call you for more information about your MLM company.

However the action that you’re usually trying to get people to take is to click on a link. That’s almost always the key purpose of your emails, to get someone to click the link and go to your website or signup page.

That being said, it’s imperative that you have that goal in your mind when writing your emails. Here’s why that’s vitally important. The truth is that most people write an email with the intent and purpose of selling whatever it is that they’re trying to sell. For you that’s probably signing up for your company. That would seem logical but what the purpose of the email should be, is to get the reader over to a page where the selling is actually done.

So you’re selling the click more than anything else.

How then do you get more people to actually click the link? There are a few things that you can do to dramatically increase your click thru rate on all of your emails.

First… Add More Links So they say there’s power in numbers. Well if that’s the truth then why do most people only add one link in their emails?

Here’s the thing. Most people have short attention spans, especially online. You have to count on the fact that they’re NOT reading your entire email word for word, but skimming it. A lot of people will simply scroll looking for a link, so why not give them 3 of them.

Three seems to be a good lucky number. Always add a link at the top… above the fold of the email, one in the middle, and one at the bottom (usually in the P.S.)

Second…Tell the Reader to Click the Link and Give Them a Good Reason to Do So While it can sometimes be effective to just stick a link in the email, for best results you want to TELL people to click the link. Whether they like to admit it or not,

Network Marketing

people like to have instructions to follow. “Click the link below to find out more” or “click the link below to see how I’ve been making $230 extra bucks a month” will be much more effective than simply putting the link in there, almost every time.

Third…Always Add a P.S. It’s been said that within a sales letter, after the headline the second most read part is the P.S. at the end. This means that more often than not a reader will read the headline, and then scroll down to the P.S.

If it works for a sales letter where people know they’re being sold, why would it NOT work in an email? It does work!

So there you go… Now it’s time for you to use these email marketing for network marketing tips and increase your click thru rates starting today.

If your upline sponsors are not teaching you these things, then they’re leaving you in the dark on one of the most important marketing tactics of our time.


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