Eliminating a Majority of the Rejection in Your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing businessThere’s an extremely important question that every network marketer should ask themselves.

The question is, have you done everything that you could for your

network marketing business,

or have you allowed the fear of rejection to stop you?

Did you know that this is one of the greatest causes of failure within our industry? Of course the objections aren’t the cause of the failure, but the fear of being rejected is. I’d be lying terribly if I said that you weren’t going to eventually get rejected because that’s just part of the game. But fearing it will leave you and your business paralyzed and stagnant.

But what if I said that I could help you eliminate a great majority of the rejection that you face? Wouldn’t that be something that you’d perk your ears up for? I would think it would!

Now it’s important that you know right now that I’m not going to try and sell you some magic online tool or ebook. There’s no such thing. And besides, I can easily give you the solution right here and now without all that. I want to simply hand over the solution to rejection in your network marketing business.

But First…Where Does Rejection in your

Network Marketing Business

Really Come From?

You see, it’s really no mystery why a lot of network marketers encounter rejection at nearly every turn, while some don’t see hardly any of it.

The great difference is that those that get rejections are speaking with mostly the wrong people, while those avoiding rejection are talking to the right ones. Simple enough right?

So then, what actually qualifies a person as being the wrong or right person? That’s what I’m going to let you know right now.

Well there’s a very interesting question that I’ve borrowed a few times from one of the greatest marketing minds of all time…the late, great, and legendary Gary Halbert! Halbert would stand up in the front of a group at seminars and ask “Where is the best place to open a hamburger stand?”

Of course most people would guess location spots…corners, busy intersection, Main Street, all the usual answers each and every time. So do you know what the real answer is?

It’s in Front of a Hungry Crowd!

Of course now the answer is obvious, but isn’t it brilliant. Opening your hamburger (or hot dog, or taco, you fill in the food) stand in front of a ton of people who are starving and really wouldn’t care what you’re serving as long as it’s edible, is going to increase your chances in a huge way of selling tons of burgers.

How many rejections do you think you’d run into when it came to a starving crowd. Virtually none!

Well, same goes for your

network marketing business.

The right person to speak to regarding your network marketing business is the person who is already not only looking for a business opportunity, not even only the person actually looking for a network marketing business opportunity, but the person looking to work with YOU in a

network marketing business

opportunity. That’s specific and those specific people are the one’s that you really need to focus on.

You see, doing this makes your job significantly easier, and cuts down rejection in a major way!

Just consider that this person is already sold on network marketing, they already are aware of the fact that they’ll have to invest some money to get started in a network marketing business, and they know who you are and that you can help them achieve the success they’re looking for probably better than anyone else can.

You want them coming to you to join YOUR

network marketing business,

and not the other way around.


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