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Creating goals can daunt many people and not just business goals. Many times the fear of failure persuades the mind to think that they are not capable of achieving it. This is not so, sometimes the goals that we create for ourselves is unrealistic. They are often difficult, and we are immersed in the illusion of falsehoods. One misconception is we believe others are achieving the same level goal that we have set. We believe others have already accomplished the goal that we create and set for ourselves and we can do it too. In most cases, this could be true, but it also could depend on our experience in the network marketing business. This should help new networkers create achievable and fulfilling goals for their business. As they progress, the difficult of the goal should be adjusted to keep pace with the interest and motivation level.

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Network Marketing Goal building guide
Creating or designing goals for a network marketing business should be a top priority for any networker. There are several types of goals for our business. These goals should eventually be tied into our business operation. Such goals include lead generation, revenue generation, retention conversion, interaction (several sub goals), website bounce rates and many more. As the business develops into a sustainable force, it is ok to focus on conversions and financial gains. The first goal that should be created and measured is website visits. Here is a breakdown of a goal layout to help you create the goal.

Goal layout
• Name of goal aka website visit
• Set up defining rate or amount ex 50 visits a month
• How will you achieve this, ex social media posts with links
• How will you measure the goal, create analytics account and measure page
• Goal expiration date ex 7 months
• Frequency of measurement ex 1 per week or month

The goal layout can help you create any network marketing goal that you want. The steps are super easy. You could of course add additional triggers, but that would only complicate the execution of the goal. The additional triggers could provide additional flexibility or recovery options in case of a problem. This is beyond the scope and depth of this article. Creating goals this way will allow you to visual the structure and functionality of the goal. This should help you create goals for many years ahead. It is important to keep an eye on your goal and measure the success or failure of it.

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