Do You Want To Reduce the Sting of “NO” with Your Network Marketing business?

Network MarketingThere’s something that you need to get set in your mind right now when it comes to network marketing.

That thing is simple. It’s that you ARE going to hear a TON of people telling you NO.

It’s just the nature of the beast. You’re going to hear many more No’s than you are Yes’s when it comes to either getting people to sign up for your

network marketing

opportunity, or buying your network marketing products.

Of course, it’s how you deal with these no’s that will make the difference.

The fact is that some people…actually most people…can’t take hearing no. They literally associate so much pain with people telling them no when it comes to joining their

Network Marketing

opportunity, that they either slow down their actual productivity in their business so much that it’s basically null and void, or they quit completely so that they never have to hear NO again.

This isn’t the way to success in

Network Marketing.

In fact, the reality is that there’s no way to see success in network marketing unless you hear a ton of no’s. The reason is because there is no way to get to the YES’s that you’re looking for until you first sort through the no’s.

Ok so what I want to do with this post is to give you some ways to take the sting out of the “no” when it comes to

network marketing.

I want to make it so that it’s a little more bearable, and therefore make it so that you’ll keep continuing to strive forward with your business regardless of the no’s.

3 Ways to Make Hearing “NO” Much More Bearable for Your Network Marketing Business

#1 Set Up a System to Sort Through More of the Prospects Before You Speak to Them

It makes sense that the easiest way to deal with rejection is to avoid it right? Well, while I don’t condone avoiding the possibility of rejection, I do think it’s extremely wise to set up your marketing funnel so that the odds are greater that the people that you’re talking to are going to to say YES than they are NO.

Simply setting up your marketing sequence for your

network marketing

business so that it gets rid of the tire kickers, will decrease the number of people saying no, and better yet, increasing the number of people that you speak to about

network marketing


How do you do that? Click here!

#2 Know Your Conversion Rate Numbers

Conversions mean how many people join your business, or buy you products out of every 100 that you either contact or speak to.

This is something that you should be constantly keeping track of. It’s basically a way to keep score, and unless you’re keeping track, then you never know what you need to be improving with your network marketing.
So let’s say that you’re running your

network marketing

business mostly offline. And you know because you’ve kept track that out of every 100 people you speak to you close 10 of them. Obviously you now have a 10% conversion rate. Now that you know that, you know that 1 out of every 10 people that you speak to will say yes to joining your business. You also can start working on a new goal of 2 out of every 10.

You can analyze what you’re doing and saying and see what you may need to change in order to increase your conversions. You may for instance need to try closing more. You may need to answer objections better. You may just need to start listening more closely for hot buttons. The thing is that knowing your conversions will give you a starting place to improve your game.

If you’re working primarily online, then you can figure out your web page visits, and see how many leads you convert from those visits, and then how many people join from your network marketing auto-responder messages. Etc. etc.

What this does mostly is makes hearing the no’s easier. Instead of taking it personal and seeing it as the end of the world, you begin seeing these as opportunities to improve your

network marketing

game. It becomes much more fun and interesting. It begins to be something you look forward to rather than something that you dread.

#3 Let it Sink Into You Mind That No’s are Just a Step Closer to Yes When It Comes to Network Marketing

Okay, so you’ve probably heard this a bunch of times, and you may have told yourself this, but have you really let it sink in and why?

Here’s the thing. This business TRULY is a numbers game, and there’s nothing you or I can do about that. The only way that we can manipulate the numbers, is to simply get better at conversions like we spoke about above.

We can get more people saying yes as we perfect our closing skills. How do you think that you can perfect those closing skills. That’s right, by talking to more people and practicing. So that’s actually a little bit of a bonus lesson. The more people that you speak to or deal with as far as marketing is just another way to get better at getting people to say YES to you about your network marketing business.

So that means that each person who says NO is literally just a step closer to having someone say yes. So if your conversions are 1 out of every 50 people saying yes to you right now, then you just have to talk to 49 more people get to that yes. However, with each person you speak to, you’re increasing your skills and getting better. Very soon then, maybe even the next time around, you’re going to increase that conversion and so it may end up that after the next yes, it only takes talking to 45 people until you get to the next etc.

Now if you know that talking to 45 people will earn you let’s say a $250 fast bonus, and then $35 bucks a month from autoship orders, how fast are you going to try and get through those 45 people. And when your conversions increase, things start moving very quickly, and as your team also starts talking to people, and increasing their conversions, you wake up one day to realize that you have a monthly income in the tens of thousands that’s growing daily.

So get out there and start collecting your no’s for your

network marketing

and just watch how fast you begin to collect the Yes’s instead.


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