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In the Network Marketing Industry an ounce of encouragement could be worth a million dollars to you. 

Recently while speaking on a live webcast to a large group of business team partners, I realized that the whole concept of goal setting can be so immensely confusing.  And likely, because of this confusion so many people just don’t achieve their goals.

Well, today I’m here to help set the record straight and ABOLISH the confusion!

I remember when first beginning in Network Marketing about 20 years ago, being taught about the importance of setting monthly, yearly and even 5 year goals.  Those goals should address what income levels I wished to attain as well as personal development and life goals.  It was important to focus on how many new people I’d recruit monthly as well as how much group volume my team would develop as well as my personal volumes…yada yada yada.

Now quite honestly, how the heck would I know what I wanted to accomplish…it was all a “fantasy” and any goals that I’d be setting wasn’t necessarily “reality” based…I mean I had no experience in setting MLM goals before, so I didn’t know what was realistic to achieve…only what I thought I’d like to earn and accomplish.

So there I’d sit, staring for hours at a blank piece of paper and thinking to myself…hey, you’re a smart sharp educated guy…why don’t you “get it”??  Yeah, I know I could make up some numbers and put it on paper, but frankly without a “road map” or a clear understanding of what I needed to do to get to those goals it was all just “pie in the sky”.  Oh, and then after some hours, I’d take the paper and just roll it up into a nice little ball and toss it in the trash can…that would be the trash can where all my dreams and fantasies were just going up in smoke!

When I finally learned the fine art of setting my intentions and having clarity about what needed to be done “daily” to move my Network Marketing business forward, everything changed…I was really able to get focused on my goals and was quickly able to start achieving success.

You see, when focusing on setting your intentions, you’re able to take control and become “responsible” for all the actions that you do that will impact your business and life.  Setting intentions affects all facets of our lives…so this is a very important skill for you to learn that can truly improve your life.

OK…back to Network Marketing…it’s great to set your income and sales volume goals, but remember that this industry and the success of your business, is comprised of more than just YOU.  It takes many people who are part of your team and are following your advice, direction and leadership and you must teach them how to set their “realistic” goals and to learn the skills that you have developed to help them succeed.

You and they can focus on daily action steps like; contacting 3 to 5 people daily…either in person or on the internet, based upon how many days a week they can devote to the business and activities; making follow-up phone calls; inviting prospects to attend business presentations; conducting business presentations and lots of internet marketing activities such as postings on forums, writing and submitting articles…Can you imagine the success you and your Team can achieve by seriously focusing on these “revenue producing” activities that can build the business?  The potential is MASSIVE!

Focus with your Team on a 90 activity plan and measure the success of your Team and individually each week…remember when you set long-term goals (90 days or more) you need to break it down into small activities and monitor them constantly to see that you are “on goal”.  I remember someone once saying to me “How do you eat an Elephant?”  Well, the answer is ONE BITE AT A TIME!  Apply the same idea to your goal setting…break it down into small pieces, such as daily activities.

It’s very important to align your attitude with your intentions…you need to have a “positive and optimistic mindset” to carry out the activities…this is a KEY POINT!  Make sure you feel good about the activity you’re doing…it shouldn’t be an “effort” to pick up the phone and make calls to prospects or to do some internet marketing…make it fun, enjoyable and rewarding.

Have you ever “VISUALIZED” something?  Here’s what you can do…just close your eyes and think about what it FEELS and LOOKS like in accomplishing the activity and achieving the goal.  Feel what it’s like in your mind to achieve what you desire…by doing so you are instilling the POWER of BELIEF!

A mentor of mine once said “When I believe it, I can see it”… another way of saying the same thing is; “When I believe it, I can achieve it”…so BELIEVE wisely my friends!

Belief is an exceptionally powerful thing…some people even say it’s a business tactic.  I like to think it’s the defining difference between those who can ACHIEVE versus those who DREAM to achieve!  Yes, when you have BELIEF, you instill the power of self-confidence, it builds self-esteem and most of all creates positive thinking and positive images.  It helps to change your VIEW of everything around you…including YOUR ability to achieve and accomplish anything you focus your INTENTIONS on achieving!

Belief is a POWERFUL thing and with it, all things are possible, we all believe something….make sure you check what that belief is!

Remember to do a “gut check”…How is your “Network Marketing Belief System”?  Is it on target?  Are your “intentions” clear?

Let me leave you with this thought from a very famous British novelist:  To succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

David Feinstein


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