Developing Skill Sets to Succeed – 3 Radical But Surefire Ways to Reach the Success That You’re After!

Network MarketingBesides the fact that you can make a fabulous living in

Network Marketing

…one of the greatest aspects of this industry is that it is one of self development. It’s an industry highly imprinted by the principles of success.

You can just look toward the fact that some of the greatest names in the field of success have taken part in this industry. People like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump are all people that you almost immediately think of when you think of “ultra successful”. The very fact that they’ve aligned themselves with network marketing is huge proof that this industry breeds success.

What’s more is that those of us who do succeed feel a deep inclination to share and extend the principals that we learn and find useful with those friends and partners that we’ve brought in to the business…as well as our fellow entrepreneurs.

The fact is that success isn’t a born instinct! Success…and the principals for success are learned… and can only be learned. Sure some might be more talented in one area or the other. Some of us can sell ice to Eskimos, others of us can write persuasive content, a lot of us are great motivators, and there are plenty of us whose only real skills are being social and having great networks.

Either way these are skills that can all be taught, learned, and even mastered. It’s a never ending process but that’s the name of the game in

network marketing.

So How Do We Learn the Skills of Success?

There are many ways to learn and each of us learns best in a different way. I’m hyper visual, while some people I know learn by “hearing” how to do things. However, most of us in my opinion can and will eventually truly learn one way and one way only: BY DOING!

Theory pales in comparison to experience, even when the experience doesn’t go the way we would have liked for it to go. I believe it’s called the school of hard knocks isn’t it?

However there are ways that we can control the amount of knocks that we must endure.

1) Coaching – One of the best ways in the world is through being coached and mentored. Let’s face the facts…if a guy with Michael Jordan’s talent, or Muhammad Ali’s talent, or any number great sports stars must be COACHED to greatness…then what makes you think that you can reach that level of success by yourself?

A coach not only can, but will help you reach down into your own soul and pull from resources that you never knew existed. They are the bird’s eye view of your success while you’re squinting your eyes – trying to see the forest through the trees. There’s no faster path to success than through the use of a great coach!

2) Modeling of Other Successful People In and Away from Your Industry – One of the greatest things that we have at our disposal is other people who have gone before us. History is a great tool for learning success skills that we need to survive and even more importantly THRIVE.

There are many aspects to being a great and successful network marketer such as leadership, persuasion, charm, likeability, salesmanship, and countless others that will come along the way (hence the fact that it’s a never-ending journey) and there is no greater place to learn these skill from than those who have already mastered them in the past.

We are blessed with the choice to have the opportunity to model current successes in our field, as well as current and past successes in other fields and from the past. But we must choose wisely who we model ourselves after lest we may end up going down the wrong path.

3) Falling Down and Getting Back Up Again – There probably isn’t any faster way for creating successful skills than falling on our faces, getting up, and correcting the missteps that lead us to tasting the dirt. Unfortunately many, if not most, fail to learn from our mistakes and we keep on making the same one’s over and over again, never growing from them.

Another group will never try because they’re afraid of failure. But there is no faster and more surefire way to fail than to never try.

So there you have it. There are plenty of skills that it will take to create overall enormous success in this

network marketing

industry, but the specifics matter much less than the methods of which to learn them.


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