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Running a network marketing business should include a blog, in which you share ideas, promotions, events and industry news with the casual reader. In some cases, the readers may subscribe to your blog, and you may leave you the occasional remark. The primary purpose for the blog is to keep your website updated in the search engines; this is a basic step in search engine marketing, but it requires additional work. Creating a blog is not difficult, you could host it on an external site or have it bundled together with your site like WordPress and a few others offer. You should decide what type of blog would be the most beneficial for your business. There are a few different types of blogs, and they include text, video, audio or even combination.

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Finding Network marketing keywords for your blog
As an example for this particular network marketing post, a textual based blog will be used as an example. How can it the blog be considered a strictly text oriented set up, if it contains pictures as well? The answer to this question is this; the primary content or context is the written word, while the images make up for less than 1% or less than the blog construction itself. While the written word will dominate the mass of the posts, images are used as a secondary method to communicate ideas to the reader. How can I find keywords for my blog?
You can find network marketing keywords with various tools and break them down into secondary uses. Google has a keyword planner whom you can use to find some. Bing also offers a variety of tools to help you nail down your long-tailed keywords; Wordstream and Wordtracker are two other sites that offer some help. What do you want your topics to be centered around? This one question will help you find the core keyword for your blog, and then you can find topic keywords that fall under the umbrella.

Setting up Network Marketing Blog Categories
A network marketing blog will require categories; usually, you use topics as the categories. This helps your search engine marketing structure tremendously. Do not get this confused with tags, tags are the keywords used for the posts themselves and even further helps your posts get found. The URL structure is important in the long-term success of your blog. The URL should not have a bunch of random number and symbols.

On or Off Site Network Marketing Blog
Once you have your network marketing blog created in theory and on paper. Where should you host it? Should you have it bundled in your website or let it hang out the window with millions of other blogs? Some networkers like the ease of an internal blog than one that is not. This allows for easier maintenance and forced writing. This helps them stay on the task on developing their posts on a schedule and on time.

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