A Network Marketing Success Story

Network marketing has been around since the early days of the Internet. As the internet grew and businesses took to its shores. People have learned to network in a variety of ways and made profit. There are stories of failures and many more, but this a simple story about a man that who had nothing more to life than what he was given. There are perils and traps that people can fall into and getting out can be a devilish. Keep in mind that success is earned by the rite of fire and not given away like candy.

network marketing
Meet Joe, a man in the middle
Joe is an awesome guy; he graduated from High School with B’s and C’s and worked at the local flower shop for a while. He went to college for about 2 and ½ weeks before dropping out because the work was boring. He thought he wanted to be an architect, he found no love in the basic course work. He kept working at the flower shop, but felt that he needed a change in his life. This change was about to happen and no it was not network marketing. Every weekend he hung out with his friends, played X Box 360, and had a few cold root beers. He was somewhat seriously seeing someone.
No this person was not someone in network marketing. Julia and Joe had been sweethearts since their senior year in high school, but she felt a bit dragged down by Joe’s motivational issues. She knew that Joe wanted something better in life but was not sure which way to go. On a long, wintry night, she and Joe spent some time together watching a movie. 9 months later, Joe was a father. The flower shop was not going to be enough to support his family. He took a job at a local factory that paid a bit more; about 75 cents more than the flower shop. He worked first shift and he hated the work, but he did it anyways to help Julia and their son. Joe felt like he was stuck in the middle, with no idea of where to go.

Joe’s progress in 5 years
Joe and Julia did get married; Julia graduated college and landed a nice job at Walmart. Joe was fired from the factory job, because the boss was a moron. He found a slightly better job at the local scrap yard. Five years had passed and Julia now works in communications at a private firm. Joe is unemployed and is struggling to find work. He surfed online for a better way to make money and looked at some schools on mechanical engineering. He found an opportunity to work at home, with the possibility of earning a good income. He checked out a network marketing company and did his research and joined a few months later. Joe took the training and after a few short months felt like he was failing, but his mentor was always there and answered his questions.

Joe kept trying, trying, and stuck to his guns. He studied and learned new skills and earned a degree in Internet Marketing and found success. He makes a nice living and Julia now helps him with the business. He has found his calling.

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