3 Rarely Used But Killer Ways to Get Tons of Referrals from your Network Marketing Retail Customers!


If you’re still in the mindset that your retail customers are just a happy side accident to your network marketing business, and you’re treating them like second class citizens compared to your downline distributors, then you really should think about what you’re doing.

Retail Customer ReferralsYou need to appreciate these customers fully and completely, and more than likely the income that they bring you will be a pittance compared to the income that they will bring you.

Most network marketers totally avoid and ignore these customers, never mind not having even the slightest clue how to make these customers some of the most important elements of their business.

I’m going to show you some unique ways of getting these customers to love you so much that they’ll feel guilty not to send people your way…even if they don’t earn a dime for it.

1. Say Thank You! Now that might sound completely boring, elementary, and basic but so many people don’t do this, that it’s astounding. Of course, I’m not talking about just calling them up and saying “thank you”, even though that’s a good start. I’m talking about taking the time to send them a thank you note, and better yet a thank you gift.

Simple small gifts can be bought for very cheap. There are companies that sell little knick-knack gifts in bulk for very cheap. Coffee mugs (with your phone name and number, mouse pads, scratch pads, flash lights, etc.)

2. Put them on a Newsletter for **SPECIAL VIP CUSTOMERS**, and send it to them as a physical newsletter. This is a great way to stay in front of these people, and make them remember to re-order each and every month. If you’re just starting out you can do this yourself from home, or if you have a huge downline then you can get a fulfillment company to distribute your newsletter for you. (A great place to start is with the guy the great marketing genius Dan Kennedy uses and recommends at www.petetheprinter.com ) If it’s good enough for Dan then it should be good enough for you.

Your newsletter is your chance to stand out as the expert. It’s also your chance to become a friend. And with a printed newsletter, rather than an email newsletter, your chances of getting read and not deleted becomes astoundingly better.

Let’s face it, we all love to get personal mail. Since we were kids, getting a comic book, or magazine in the mail is one of those things that we secretly get excited about and anticipate.

3. Send Cards and postcards for each and every occasion that you can get their info for. (Better yet, if you can afford it, send them a small gift certificate for these occasions. A $5 Starbucks gift certificate will go a long way to get your huge amounts of referrals). Every chance you can, you should be thinking of ways to get your retail customers special dates, and sending them out cards and postcards on those days. They will appreciate this, and it will turn on the power of the “Law of Reciprocation”. If you don’t know what this is then you should read “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini.

Basically the law says that when you give someone something, or do something for them, then deep in their subconscious they feel indebted to you. What do you want them to do for you? Keep buying, join your opportunity, and send you tons and tons of referrals!


4. Make it easy for them to send buy more product, join your opportunity, and send you tons and tons of referrals. You can do this by sending the needed forms for reordering with their ‘thank you’ gifts, newsletters, and cards. You can send them applications and info on becoming a distributor as well. And as far as referrals go, you go send them pre-written emails to send out, as well as pre-written physical letters and envelopes, so that they only have write the persons name and address on the envelope and send it out.

If you’ll use these techniques you’ll start to see your downline grow faster than you could ever imagine, just from those once pesky distributors J

Go ahead, tell me what you think right below and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

David Feinstein


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