Your MLM/Network Marketing Training Steps to Success…

Yes my friends, There is a PATH to Success in


  We call it;

“The 5 Building Blocks of  MLM”


There are 7 days in a week, 12 months to a year, and 60 seconds in a minute. This is all part of our life culture. MLM has a similar pattern of structure.

There are 5 basic Building Blocks that drive the business of 


and each one has its own importance and you must become very familiar with the building blocks. They will bring great success to you and your business, or great frustration… that all depends on YOU.

The Building Blocks of


have a Power to them that you can either make work FOR you….or AGAINST you…it is totally your decision.

Most people in MLM bring a certain pattern of thinking and living to their business, and these building blocks fit nicely in their pattern of life. And each building block has its own purpose, and success.

Each is part of the whole, but if worked in unison, then these building blocks creates a “flow” of work and success in your business that will simply amaze you…and others.

So…what are they?

1) Prospecting…
2) Contacting…
3) Presentations…
4) Next Move…
5) Decisions…

Working the 5 Building Blocks  in Network Marketing

1) Prospecting

Simply put, if you don’t have people to talk to about your products and business, you are unemployed in this industry. You must have people to share your product stories and successes with, so they can become a team member or customer.

Prospecting all starts with someone to talk to and to share your message with.

2) Contacting

If you know people, and have a list of potential prospects but you never call them, then you have a “wish list”, and success will only be a wish on your part. You MUST engage them in conversation and use that as a vehicle to share your message with them. You have made a list of prospects, but now you must have a point of contact with them, and that usually begins with a brief conversation and use of a tool.  Remember this: “Become the Messenger…not the Message!”


3) Presentation

You now must move from the contacting phase and into the presentation (education) phase. This is where you educate them on the company, products, and the business, and do it in a manner that excites them and grabs their attention.

You must use the presentation as a way to establish a connection with the prospect to the business or products. Get their questions answered, and here is a secret:

**Don’t make the presentation a dissertation. It is NOT to dump everything you know in a single sitting. It is simply to create a level of knowledge and excitement with the prospect so you can move them forward in the process.

4) The Next Move

This is where you decide what the next move will be, and where you go from there. Do they want to try the products? Are they ready to join you as a team member? Do they want to attend a meeting? Do they want to have a 3 way with your upline?

5) Decision

Here is where you complete your paycheck.

The MLM Reality of Success… No decision…no paycheck.

You MUST get a decision, no matter what it is, and learn effective ways to persuade softly.

This whole process is simple, but so important….first you get someone to talk to, then you contact them, if they have an interest then you educate them, and then see where they interest lies (products or business), and those that do have a solid interest, move to more education, and finally get the decision that is right for them…simple, and extremely effective.!

Oh, and don’t ever lose sight of the ever so important Application Form for them to fill out and join your team…put pen to paper and help them get started down the right path the right way.  Remember…you are offering them a GIFT of a lifetime!

Follow the 5 steps, or building blocks, and you will learn how to turn it into a “Yellow Brick Road”of gold!!

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