Working Through Physical Obstacles in MLM


Besides the plethora of mental obstacles that you’ll face in MLM, many of you will also face some pretty tough physical obstacles. When I say physical obstacles I don’t mean your physical body but rather things like not having any money to start out with, not having experience, etc.

We’ll work with those two for this blog post because that’s the problems that most will encounter in the beginning.

Lack of money is very common and so if you’re having this problem yourself right now, don’t feel bad. First of all you’re not alone, more than half of the people we work with have some sort of lack of funds problem. Second of all, there are tons of stuff that you can do despite not having funds to market your MLM business both offline and online.

It doesn’t cost a dime to talk to people. When you’re starting your business (and most of the online crap that you’ll read these days will tell you that talking to people you know about your business is useless and doesn’t work) but talking to people is the cheapest and probably most immediately effective thing that you can do for your MLM business.

What’s faster than getting on the phone with someone or talking to someone belly to belly and getting them interested in your products or business opportunity? That’s right, I said your products. Your product customers can be some of the greatest business referral sources for you in the world.

Okay so talking to people is free as it comes, and you can start immediately. And don’t worry about ridicule, as I’ve said in the past…it will happen.

So let’s move on to online stuff. There is a plethora of activities that you can do online that are absolutely free. You don’t have to create a fancy website to drive traffic to your offer. Most likely with your opportunity you were given a free website to promote to point people to. If not there’s still ways to work around that.

You can simply create what’s as good as a regular website for free using WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly. I would consider a Blogger or Weebly your best bets in the beginning. As soon as you can though, you should get your own hosting and domain name on a WordPress platform.

There’s also article marketing, free classified ads, forum marketing, etc.


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Alright, let’s talk about lack of experience.

I know that at some point while you were signing up for your business opportunity you were wondering: “why would anyone ever listen to me about a business that you’re I’m not even successful at yet”.

You probably even told yourself that you’ll wait until your successful before you’ll tell anyone about it. That’s about as oxymoronic as it gets…and is the ultimate losing situation.

You have to promote your opportunity, you have to talk to people about your opportunity, or you’ll NEVER succeed…and neither will they.The fact is that the MLM business is constructed in a way where you have an upline in place to help you every step of the way. That’s what makes it so easy for everyday people to succeed.

You must embrace that part of the business. If your immediate upline is an idiot and can’t or won’t help you, then go over their head to the next person up until you find someone who will.

If not, Ann and David Feinstein would be happy to mentor you!

They are the experts, and you’re merely the introducer and matchmaker at this point. Down the road you can be the expert and have matchmakers under you, who introduce the prospects to you. Until then, use this system and you’ll begin to see success faster than you ever thought possible.

Get over your fears on this. This blog post will show you how.

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