Why Passive Income is the Beauty of the MLM Business Opportunity, and Why You Should Be Working Your Butt Off for It…

passive-income-streams-101Let’s talk about something today that baffles me. When people diss the MLM industry and talk about it like it’s a joke it makes me shake my head in amazement because these people are dissing one of the greatest business models ever to be created.

The MLM business opportunity gives people a way to earn in the same way that famous authors, musicians, and actors get paid (among others)… through passive residual income.

What could possible be wrong with that?

Let’s compare this to the poor working folks who will work their fingers to the bone and hope that at the end of the year that there will be enough money left over for them to get a raise the next. And when they do what is it that they’re getting a 3% raise? I’ve seen people in my own organization in the MLM home business get raises every single month…ten and twenty times the 3% rate…for years and years in a row.

You see trying to get wealthy when you’re getting 3% raises (maybe) every 12 months is impossible unless you’re the CEO of a bank and working off the governments hand outs of course. And the worst part is that the money that you earn each week or month with a job is directly correlated to the number of hours that you worked for that pay.

The absolutely beautiful thing about earning passive residual income with an MLM business is that you’ll be paid over and over again for work that you basically had to perform one time.

Even better than that, once you sponsor someone and get paid off of that effort alone, and then you take the time to train and mentor them to be able to sponsor people themselves…you also get paid everytime they sponsor someone, everytime they get a new customer, and everytime those that they sponsor sponsors someone and gets a customer…on down the line to infinity in some cases. And then with people ordering products each and every month the money flows in automatically every month without you having to do anything.

It’s just keeps coming in passively.

Earning money through an MLM home business is like the way a rock star earns money. They write and record a song…then that song gets placed onto an album with other songs, and is packaged together as an album and is sold. Everytime one of those albums (or CD’s I should be saying…hmmm…actually MP3’s….you get the idea)…everytime one of these CD’s sales then the musician gets paid.

There are tens of thousands of places selling these CD’s around the world each and every single day so the artist has nothing more to do than to promote themselves. But on top of that everytime that song is used on the radio or in a commercial, or in a movie, or in a stadium, that rock star gets paid residually. See the similarities.

Basically if you want to earn money like a rock star earns money then you can’t get into a better business than the MLM business.

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