Why Local Should Be in Your MLM Game Plan!


building_business_locally2With so many of the internet network marketing gurus out there trash talking traditional MLM, many new people are starting to get the false impression that these tactics don’t work.

These self appraised gurus will tell you that going after a local community to build your business is a terrible idea, blah, blah, blah. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, I’ve said it over and over again… I’ve seen thousands of people succeed in MLM by using the tactics that I have used.

If you’re skipping your local market then you’re making a huge mistake. Sure the fact that the internet creates a significant global reach would be silly to ignore, but there is no doubt that the best builders in your business will be the ones that you know and sponsor personally, face to face.

This is the exact reason that my wife Ann and I travel all over the globe frequently. We do market and sponsor people abroad, very often from the internet. However, we still go and visit these people to make that personal connection. To look them in the eyes and let them know that we actually care about them, and that we are here to help them…that they’re not just a name in our downline tree.

You may not have the resources to do that just yet. If you’re starting out, traveling may not be in your budget. But you don’t need to if you build your business locally.

Guess what we do when we do travel to these other countries and cities. We show the new members in our organization how to build their business through local connections first and foremost. Sure we’re extremely proficient at recruiting online, and we teach that… but that’s for when someone is already taking action and building their business.

If you do it our way, you don’t even NEED the internet. Sure it’s great, and it helps, but your connection will span and span across the globe anyways eventually. Just from you building your business locally

All this can happen just from you sitting down with people that you know, people that they know, and showing them how to fulfill their dreams.

And guess what…it’s so much better to watch a friend or family member succeed beyond their dreams financially than it is to hear about someone 4000 miles away that you’ve never met before.

If you’re listening to the internet marketing crowd telling you that building your business online is the only way to go, and that warm and local list is old school traditional that doesn’t work anymore, then you go ahead and go down that road if you like.

I’ll be showing someone else how to create financial independence from within their own neighborhood, town, and state.

Please comment below if you agree or disagree with us. I’m sure all the Renegades will have their shorts in a bunch. J

David Feinstein


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