Why Do People Drop Out of MLM? – How to Keep Your Team from Dropping Like Flies!

teamThe MLM business has a common problem, but it’s one that you could avoid for your team (or at least lessen the effects of) if you learn to do a couple of things right.

The problem is that people drop out of MLM, sometimes at such a rapid pace that the ratio of people to people dropping out doesn’t add up to being sustainable. It’s sort of like how the government spends money…only not quite that bad yet.

The Reasons People Leave an MLM Business and Drop Out of Your Downline…

So you’re probably not going to want to hear this, but it’s actually probably much more your own fault than you’d like to pretend that it is…that is at least within your own downline. I can’t blame you for the whole industry. 🙂

You see, it all has to begin with the way that you bring people into your business. It carries on from there but I’ll get into that in a moment.

First thing’s first… When you bring someone into your business it’s vital that you’re totally and completely upfront with them about what the MLM business ensues.

What happens a lot of times is that a network marketer will be so desperate to get people to join their business no matter what, just for that little fast start profit, that they’ll say anything to their prospects to get them to join (as well as not say some things that they should).

For instance they will tell the person that it’s easy; or that they’ll be making tons of money within the first month or week; or that they won’t have to sell, the product sells itself. See where this is going?

None of those things are true. That’s no way to bring someone into your business because at the first hint of work… once they smell a little bit of action that they’ll have to take, they’re going to be discouraged and basically bail out. They’ll also not like you very much and they’ll tell everyone how terrible MLM is, further damaging the reputation of the industry where you and I earn our livelihood.

How much longer can this cycle happen before the industry implodes?

Now let’s talk about what needs to happen once you’ve actually been honest, and brought someone to the business under the correct pretense. This is when you can lock them in for life, and have them stick around for years and years, if not forever.

This is when sponsoring needs to take place in a major way…

It’s time to actually mentor and train this person. This means to teach them your marketing system, step by step, holding their hand every inch of the way, until like a child you’ve raised them right and can release them on their own.

Everytime you sponsor someone into your MLM business you have to think of yourself as a rare close to extinct eagle, and your new team members as a newly hatched eagle of which YOU are responsible for teaching to soar, and hunt, and conquer.

If not this eagle will fall to their death, and therefore lessening the chance of the species… or in this case an industry to survive and thrive.

Sure you could be one of the many who come and go that simply try to build a successful MLM team by throwing new recruits on the wall like mud to see what sticks. But if you’ll take the time in the beginning to truly mentor and sponsor each personally recruited member, you’re building a solid team of eagles who will go on to soar for years, even generations to come.

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