Why Bad Emails will Hurt Your Mlm Marketing?

Have you ever received an email from a company and it was just horrible? Did it make you think “what did I do to deserve this?” Do you know you could be sending out emails like this one? Your bad emails could be killing your mlm marketing strategy and business. Email marketing is not easy, its a difficult process and there are many different areas that will affect the health and effectiveness of your emails.

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What is a bad email? A bad email is one that ends up in the spam folder, a loss of a subscriber, overly promotional, too much of nothing, no purpose or goal, bad design, unsegmented and many other factors. So you could technically kill a list of 2000 subscribers in one month, but in a year’s time you will lose 23% naturally, even if you do everything ok.


Check the Health of Your Mlm Marketing Lists

According to Hubspot “Marketing databases decay around 23% a year, every year.” This is a natural decay process. Your design, goal, personalization options and many other factors contribute to the health of your email lists. One of the biggest issues is the lack of segmentation based on the prospects cycle. Are they looking for a solution? Maybe they are researching a problem? Maybe they are part of the team, and they want content that helps them get started quickly. There is so much to email marketing, to explain a tenth of it, a book would need to be written.

Bad Mlm Marketing Email Marketing Design

In email marketing, especially for new Mlm marketing people, a bad design will destroy a business. The design process includes the graphic, text, goal, call to action layouts. It’s the user experience that you have to create that is the most important. Many times, the first design may not work, so you may feel like your constantly failing. By working on each of the areas carefully, you can build a powerful connection and relation for your audience. This is one of the biggest problems that marketers face across multiply industries, the other is segmentation. Segmentation will be for another day.

Email work up from ground zero

Before you even dare launch your first email, take a look at the individual email from your prospective shoes. Does it make sense? Does it crowd you out, offer a delicious offer or is it bland and full of content with no clear direction? Your mlm marketing campaign didn’t start out with promotional stuff, so your email shouldn’t either. Education and the right blend of everything else will help you succeed.

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