Why Article Marketing is Such a Powerful Strategy for your MLM Business…and How to Use It Right!

article-marketingA lot of people don’t really understand article marketing and what it can do for their MLM business.

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic and grow your business online for a number of reasons. Most people think that the best reason is that it’s free. Well I disagree. In my world, time is money, and article writing takes time so it’s certainly not free. But I still do it and do a lot of it.

Actually, the reason why article marketing is so powerful is because it covers so much ground at once.

You see, 1 article can be used for various purposes. I don’t mean rewritten or submitted to several different directories, although that’s good as well. What I mean is that one article submitted to one place… let’s say Ezinearticles.com since that’s probably one of the best places that you can post an article… does multiple things for you.

First of all it’s a back-link to your site. We know that back-links are extremely important for SEO purposes, but a lot of network marketers don’t know where to get back-links. Well, every time you submit an article to a high authority site like EzineArticles.com, you’re getting a solid back link from a very authoritative site.

Next when you write an article you’re giving the search engines fresh content to perhaps pick up on their own altogether. So let’s say you write an article titled “MLM Prospecting – The Best Way to Get People Into Your MLM Downline” and you submit it to Ezinearticles.com. Well there’s a pretty good chance that if you used the keywords correctly that the article might get picked up by Google or Yahoo, and slapped on the front page.

This means that when someone does a search for “MLM prospecting” or something to that matter, they’ll find your site on the results page, click it, read it, and since you’ve got a link to your site (if you write your resource box correctly) will click that link and head to your MLM business opportunity website.

See how nice and easy that works?

So that leads me to the next thing that your articles do, and this is vital. It takes practice but if you learn to write an article correctly your articles will be a great pre-sell for your MLM business. This means that before someone gets to your article, they’ve already been introduced to how your opportunity can help them and what it can do for them.

Basically it creates a bit more of a bond and trust between you and the reader. They read your article, you seem to be the authority because a) you have an article b) it’s published on the internet c) you seem to know what you’re talking about. See how that works. Basically it’s a great credibility booster.

Now when you add the fact that they did a search and found your article on the first page of Google, or some other site that’s not even yours (a lot of people will pull your article from Ezinearticles.com or the other directories and use your article on their site)…then that’s another added level of credibility instantly added.

So as you can see, article marketing is much more than just a free way to market. It’s really not free at all, but the fact is that it’s well worth the price because of its immense power as well as it’s psychological undertones that it creates in the readers mind – such as a bonding, and credibility of setting you up as the expert.

Then when you take into account that if you just change that article around a bit you can put it into a dozen or so more directories, or totally rewrite and make it even better and stick it up on your own blog it just keeps getting better.

Or how about if you take a collection of your articles and create free reports for subscribers and leads that you get at your website. There are endless opportunities.

Article marketing is powerful, and anyone who tell you different is just stupid. LOL I’m kidding but maybe if you have a list of Twitter followers that don’t know how powerful article marketing is you can retweet this to them and become their hero.

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