What Personality Trait Will Get Prospects to Follow You in Your MLM Business? You Need to Read This…

self-developmentHave you ever wondered what it is that makes a person WANT to follow another person?

If you’ve been trying to build your MLM business then you’ve been wondering this exact thing. Now of course there are many traits that you need to have to become attractive to prospects, but there’s one that is extremely magnetic. That trait is PASSION!

Here’s the thing…most people in this world are desperately seeking something to be passionate about. They feel as though their lives aren’t up to snuff, but they just don’t know where to focus their passions.

Have you ever been driving around town when it was raining or snowing and saw someone running for exercise? Usually we either have one of two responses when we see this. Either “that person’s insane” – or – “WOW they must be really passionate about being fit” and that’s usually followed by some sort of thought of “I wish I was that passionate about something”.

True passion is rare, and that’s why it’s important that you not only develop it in your MLM business, but also learn to display it outward so that people are attracted you and want to feel the same passion.

If you’ve been in the MLM business for any length of time then you’ve probably been to a meeting or convention…or at least seen some video from one of them.

When you see the speakers you’ll notice something that they have in common and it’s no accident. The speakers have PASSION for the business. They get up on stage and hoot and holler and have a great time up there. They tell you why they’ve chosen network marketing, and how they can’t wait to start each new day to run their network marketing business. And when they do this what happens? That’s right – you begin to have a good time as well.

Many people talk about Tony Robbins and say that he’s a motivational speaker. Those who don’t go to his seminars tend to say that once you leave the next day the motivation goes away and you’re left in the same predicament.

But what people like Tony Robbins does, especially Tony, are they create a passion and drive. Tony uses very useful tools like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to do this and instill it in a lot of people at once, but the truth is that in order to motivate and instill passion into your prospects you don’t really need any knowledge of NLP or anything close to it (although it is highly useful).

What you need is simply to have tons of passion and not be afraid to show it. Passion is catchy like a yawn. You can hardly be around someone with a lot of passion and not begin to feel passion yourself over the very same thing. And when someone sees you passionate about something, like your MLM home business for instance, they have a desire to feel the same sort of passion themselves.
Of course passion alone can’t help you build a huge downline, but it is one of the crucial ingredients… much like you can’t bake bread with water, flower, or yeast alone…but without either it’s not possible to bake bread.

How passionate are you about your MLM business? Could you increase that level of passion? Sure you can! And the best way to do so is to find someone else who’s even more passionate than you…perhaps someone in your upline…and hang out with them for a bit. By proxy you’ll start getting some of that passionate energy coming to you as well.

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