What It Means to Be Responsible… And How It Can Actually Roll with the Punches with Your Home Based Business!

succeed_headerQuick question…

Have you ever met one of those people who always spoke of doom and gloom and blamed absolutely every one of their misfortunes on something or someone else?

As MLM trainers we actually see quite a bit of this! We often get people who aren’t succeeding with their home based business and will automatically begin to blame everything else for the reasons.

Some blame the economy. Some blame the MLM industry. Some have even tried to blame us…even after we’ve shown them every one of our secrets to growing a huge global downline (just like we don anyone who becomes team members in our business)… or after we’ve shown them the exact blueprint of our system.

The Real Reason That Most People Don’t Succeed…

But the real reason usually is something altogether more easy to see. The real reason that people fail…and that goes for any of my own failures as well…is because of our own actions. You see, there are always going to be forces working against us and our achievements. That’s life! But it’s the decisions that we make and the actions that we take that help us defeat those forces (this is starting to sound like a Harry Potter Book) and succeed anyways.

And therefore it’s also the actions that we don’t take…or the wrong actions that we take that lead us to not see success. Of course this doesn’t mean that we have failed, it simply means that we have to take responsibility for our own actions and assess which direction that we have to steer the course from there to remedy the problem.

But this is usually where people give up…especially in the home based business industry. They’ll quit because things didn’t go their way the first time. And then instead of taking responsibility they’ll begin blaming everything and everyone besides themselves.

The Hidden Benefit of Becoming Responsible!

The funny thing is that when we start to become responsible for our own actions…even when they lead to stumbling blocks in the road…or even dismal failure…it actually gives us more control.

Don’t you want to be in control of your home based business? I mean you don’t want it to be in control of you that’s for sure. But if you’re not responsible…if you don’t take action, and stand by that action that you’ve taken through thick or thin then that’s exactly what happens. You lose all control and that control then truly does go to forces beyond your control.

It’s like marriage almost. You are the responsible party for your 50% of the marriage. Your actions, and even your words will have an affect one way or the other. And we all can see, with the dismal divorce rates that most people will give up on that responsibility at the first hint of trouble, rather than figuring out what the heck has gone wrong and begin taking the steps to remedy that.

Taking responsibility for your actions puts you back in the driver seat…

With a home based business there are things that ARE out of your control. There is economic issues, there is competition, and there is even the company that you’re involved with if you’re in an MLM home business.

But there are actions that you can…or shall I say MUST take to combat these forces, work around them, and succeed anyways. It’s your responsibility to take the sufficient actions to do just that though. And if you don’t then those forces have control over your business rather than the other way around where taking personal responsibility of the situation gives you control…and even an edge!

So it’s up to you to decide right now…do you want to be in control of your home business or do you want it to be in control of you? The difference comes down to YOU taking personal responsibility!


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