What is Facebook Good for in Your MLM Business? – And How to Use It Properly!

facebook-promo-5-11-6-11-09-300x270Ok so we all know that Facebook is good for marketing an MLM business opportunity, and that you should be using it… but why? What’s it good for? You go on Facebook and you type in a little blurb of what you’re doing, or what you’re thinking about, or something that’s on your mind.

Or you hop on and see what a friend is up to, and then you pounce on them and make some sort of comment about what they’ve said, or make fun of them for something that they just said. You know the drill. So what good is that for your MLM business?

Well, actually more than you think.

You see when you have prospects for your MLM home business…they’re usually generally cold prospects. Why are they cold prospects? Well because they don’t know YOU yet. They really don’t know a whole lot about you, who you are, and how you think.

Do you think that them knowing this stuff is important and effects their decision of whether or not they’re going to join your MLM business opportunity? You bet it does.

And that’s precisely what Facebook is good for. A lot of people teaching online marketing…in order to get you to buy their products…put together these huge “systems” for using Facebook and Twitter etc. for growing your home based business.

But the fact is, that Facebook is easy and simple to use, and you don’t even have to try to sell people (in fact you shouldn’t). Facebook should be used simply by showing who you are and showing your true personality…hopefully a magnetic personality…that people are drawn to.

If you want to attract people who are going to want to work with you, you don’t have to go on Facebook everyday and put up an ad saying how great your opportunity or your products are. You simply have to go on Facebook and show who you are, and give value. You can actually use Facebook as a medium to teach people how to run a network marketing business better.

Basically with social media, whether it’s Facebook or any other place, the less you try to sell the better off you are. People abhor sales messages on Facebook. That’s why they go to Facebook because it’s supposed to be a place to get away from those things.

What they do enjoy on Facebook however are interesting things. If you can tie in a story that shows people how to grow their MLM business…but again it’s got to be interesting…then you’ll be a welcome person in someone’s Facebook home. They’ll see you as someone who is worth listening to, who gives great info, and who have a personality that resonates with them.

Eventually they’ll want to know more about you. They’ll do that by either contacting you privately, or following your HELPFUL links to your websites etc. Before you know it you’ll have people approaching you about your MLM business.

But I guarantee that you won’t have anybody knocking your door down to join your home business by going on Facebook and sending out a salesy message that people detest. The only thing that will get you is deleted and maybe blocked.

Using Facebook is a great tool for your MLM business…but it’s not complicated. Just be yourself and give great value and you’ll have tons of people beating a path to your door to work with you.


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