What does Vulnerable Based Trust Mean for Upcoming MLM Leaders?


Are you exposed to your team?

Some leaders are like a vault, always cold and closed to their teams. This often causes rifts between the leaders and their teams. It’s not easy opening up and sharing a weak spot with others. In many cases, the person closes down and becomes super defensive instead of embracing it. In today’s world it may not be the best idea, however, true people don’t take advantage of a vulnerability.  For mlm leaders may find it a death sentence, but this post may change minds. Showing some vulnerabilities is not a bad thing. First we have to persuade ourselves that it’s for the best intentions. We cannot expect our teams to come to us when they have problems, if we cannot show that we are too fallible.

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Are you exposed to your team? If not, it’s OK to wait and see. We cannot be good at everything, if we can show that we can depend on others to accomplish a task. This will help ease ourselves into showing our vulnerable side a bit. It doesn’t mean we are incapable leaders, but are true leaders of the greatest forms. It doesn’t mean that you should show your underclothes, but it means to be more intimate with your team. It’s OK to admit that your bad at excel or even using a microphone. You don’t have to tell everyone, find that comfortable person. Address your weakness with them and talk about it. Especially if they made a comment to you in the past.

How to present your vulnerabilities without losing your team’s respect?

How do you present yourself to your team? In many corporations, they hold a 360 review of a leader. This is where every person does a write up on the leader’s abilities, management and other areas. The information is presented to the mlm leaders to address in a different meeting. If you’ve done something like this before, then you know it can be helpful. But it can also be harmful, especially if there are no clear rules and people just want to cry about how hard someone is making them work. But if you’re lucky and have a team that kicks butt, you can use the info to improve and address some of your vulnerabilities to your team. It’s not easy, but with time and patience. Your team may respect you more if you work hard to rely on them when you can’t do it yourself.  The first step is to admit that you have weaknesses.

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