Values – Your Values Determine Your Goals, Which Determines Your Success

As an entrepreneur and business man for most of my life (since about 12 in fact with my first paper route where I had other kids actually under my employment on routes that I owned)…and later as a network marketer and now success coach, there’s one thing that has been blatantly missing in most people’s lives when it comes to success.
That one thing is the underlying foundation that causes the potential and sets the stage for success. That thing (or those things perhaps I should say) are


MLM values
We all have them whether we realize it or not. We all live our lives according to our own

mlm values

whether we realize it or not. The problem is that most people don’t realize that we even have them, or what our values are, and so we create a life that we don’t, simply because we’re unaware that we have values that we don’t want.
Confused yet? Well you won’t be in a minute just stay with me here.

Now, basically self values are a set of beliefs held by a person.

MLM Values

can be described as things like strength (being seen or always acting in strength), conservative, liberal, independent (being able to act without the need of others helping you), sincerity, kind, respectful, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
Your values are the things that you believe in, and that help you prioritize what you do, and why you do it.

Most people have values that they’re not aware of because these values have been instilled in us from others, such as our parents, and other forms of persuasion such as the groups that we hang out with, and the information that we use to fill our minds…for instance what we read, what we listen to, etc.

So you can see how your

mlm values

will determine your goals. If you’ve got conservative values for instance, then your goals will not likely be the same as someone with more liberal views. For instance you may be a big believer in capitalism and therefore want to start a business of your own, so that you can then go on to employ others…which creates of feeling of giving back because you’re able to keep a group employed.

Your values may be that of respect and kindness, so your goals may include giving back to others that you feel deserve respect. Perhaps giving and donating your time to elders or veterans.
Hopefully you’re seeing how your

mlm values

will influence your goals.

Again, most people have never really taken the time to sit down and analyze their values and beliefs. They really don’t know what’s important to THEM, and they’ve simply lived by what’s been instilled by others. The problem with this is that what you truly value and what’s been taught to you may be in conflict.


mlm values

dictate your mindset. So if you’ve grown up in a poor family and your parents and other members of your family have always held on to the belief that government should take care of them… but you feel that there’s a way out on your own and that a person can take their fate into their own hands, then your values and mindset may be conflicting, causing you not to set goals that are challenging enough.

This is why for success to come your way, it’s crucial that you understand what you truly believe. It’s essential that YOU are living by YOUR values. Once you know your true beliefs and values, then you can set goals according to them. You’ll be on a path that reflects your own beliefs and not those of other influences that has snuck into, and dictated your subconscious mind.

This will mean that you’re living YOUR TRUE PURPOSE in life. Success comes much easier when you’re living and chasing dreams that follow your true purpose.
Take the time to write down your values, create goals that lend to those

mlm values,

and you’ll begin to feel a clarity that you’ve never experienced.


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