Top 5 MLM faqs asked by a Prospect

You will be asked questions and you will have to answer some of the most common Mlm faqs on the planet today. Are you ready to be redundant? Hope not, your answers have to be different and creative; it is part of being “you.” Take a step back into time for a moment and think about your journey from newbie to superstar. What questions did you have for your recruiter? Consider this carefully before you develop a frequently asked question section on your site. The next sections will cover questions and failing to respond to them.


Why you should answer your prospects’ MLM FAQs
Answering Mlm faqs from your prospect tells them two things, you care and you have knowledge to share. While having the right knowledge and skills are important, not showing that you care about your prospects can bring certain doom to your business. Doom to your business, because that prospect will tweet about the experience and forever shame you. You can avoid this by being smart and careful, be honest. Honesty shows compassion, you may not be an encyclopedia but you can research for an answer. Listed below are the top five questions that come up more often than a bad joke.

Top five MLM Faqs
• Why did you choose network marketing?
• Do people actually make an income from the business?
• Isn’t network marketing a Ponzi scheme?
• Are there sufficient training opportunities?
• What are the products that Your Company offers?

Failing to Respond to MLM FAQS
Not responding to Mlm faqs from a prospect is almost like shutting the door on a free pizza. The prospect will not be happy with incomplete thoughts or dishonest answers. Avoid being freezer burned by a prospect with a clear understanding. You do not want to be in the “friend zone,” and not have an opportunity to close the deal. Lying or beating around the bush will definitely cause an alarm in your prospect and this is not good. Stick to what you know, do some research on the questions above. Get help from your sponsor, they have been around since the turn of the century and have had to deal with common questions. You can avoid losing a prospect if you take the time to understand their needs and questions.

Recovering from an MLM FAQS Fallout
This is an emergency Mlm faqs fallout section for those who failed to follow the last section. If by some random chance, you have burned a prospect by accident. You can recover from the incident, but you have to move quickly. You will need a detailed FAQ section with great answers and a strong social media follow up.

MLM faq's


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