The Secret to Succeeding in MLM – Or In Life for That Matter!

secretIt’s really no secret that everyone in MLM wants to succeed in MLM. Duh!

It’s also not much of a secret that there are only a small amount of people who go on to succeed in MLM. A lot of people would be quick to jump and blame that on the industry, but actually the success level for MLM is pretty good when you think about the fact that MLM has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other business opportunity, including stocks and real estate.

You see, no matter what the endeavor, the percentage of people who succeed drastically is usually dismal compared to the people who try.

One of the biggest reason for this is simply LACK of ACTION!

People just aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed most of the time. They dream of success, plan for success, and talk about success, but doing the things that make them successful…even if they know exactly what those things are… is something that they just won’t do.

For those who do succeed, and see how easy it really is, stand by watching in amazement – while those who aren’t seeing success sit back and think that those who have are using some sort of super powers. Maybe they’re right. Maybe taking action is something that only a person with super powers is capable of…nah I don’t think so.

Action is the key to MLM success, and any other success. He/she who takes the most action is usually the one to succeed…even if they merely stumble upon that success.

It’s not intelligence level. There are plenty of poor geniuses out there, as well as rich dummies. Intelligence has nothing to do with success (or at least much less than you might think).

Many will call it luck, but here’s the thing with luck. The luckiest people in the world seem to be the ones who have taken action and have prepared for a long time for that luck to occur. In other words, what might seem like luck is actually much time spent getting the ducks in a row.

It’s like the singer who sees overnight success. Yes they became well known overnight perhaps, because they spent years and years honing their crafts, playing show after show, and continually getting themselves in front of the people who might “discover” them.

Taking action means that you’re doing something, even if you’re not sure if it’s the right thing. If you are then you get a good result, if you’re not then you’re getting a result and that’s better than nothing.

You have to decide right now to be decisive. Quick decision making is one of the top traits of successful people. The funny thing about that is that after seeing result after result, time and time again from your decisions (even the wrong ones) you’re honing your skills as a decision maker. You’re building up a stockpile of results for decision making that will last you a lifetime.

Acting fast on ideas is another reason people succeed. If you hear an idea, think of an idea, or find an idea that’s been proven to work…and you act on it rather than sit on it –you’re going to get a result faster than anyone else. This means that YOU will know whether that idea is a good one or not long before your competition even figures it out. You’ll be light years ahead.

If anything, whether with your MLM success, or just success in life in general, TAKING MASSIVE ACTION gets you in the game. You can’t win the game if you’re not in it.

Only you are responsible for your MLM success. Only you can get to where you want to be in life. And only you can begin the inertia and get the snowball rolling toward that success, so begin today taking action and watch your MLM business grow like wildfire.


3 thoughts on “The Secret to Succeeding in MLM – Or In Life for That Matter!

  1. Ann,

    I believe people hide their ineptitude to take action by blaming others like you mentioned. It’s hard for people to realize their capabilities, how can we deal and overcome with their traumas whatever they are, they might want success but then get discourage at the first failure they have and get discourage. I believe taking ACTION and empowering day by day is crucial, that’s why this social media communities are so important we NEED the positive comments, the encouragement to keep taking ACTION on a daily basis. It’s our food for survival.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Dalia…it’s David here…Thanks for your kind comment…I hope you’ve been enjoying the articles at the blog site…for the future if you’ve been enjoying the blog articles, you also may find some additional Free information at my new website which was just launched on December 1st…here’s the link to the site: DavidLFeinstein
    Have a wonderful Holiday…David

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