The Secret to Getting MLM Prospects to Almost Demand to Work with You and Only You!

MLM BusinessAlright so you hear it all the time about people online sponsoring 20 to 30 people per month into their

MLM business

and you’re wondering how the heck they’re doing it right. Shoot you’d be happy to sponsor 5 people into your MLM home business opportunity.

Well the fact is that that number may be a bit inflated. But even if they’re not, the secret is that the people that you do sponsor into your home business are good solid leads that will do what you ask of them, and take your lead.

Basically you want people who see you as the person that they just HAVE to work with.

The Best Way to Get People to Look Up to You and Join Your MLM Business Opportunity…

For this to happen you can’t just show people how great you are in the MLM industry. You can’t just say “I can make you a ton of money” or “I have lots of great training to give you if you join with me in my

MLM business”…

Nope… you have to prove yourself beforehand. How do you do this?

Well the first thing that you have to make sure to do is provide a ton of value to that prospect. In other words you have to make them see that you have a boatload of very results oriented and effective knowledge that you’ll just hand them over for free.

Now a lot of people are afraid to that, but here’s why it works. Your

MLM business

prospect has something on their mind when it comes to you. That something is “what can this person do for me that everyone else can’t do”. So you have to prove that right off the bat. And then what happens is that they begin to think…well if they’re giving me this much valuable and usable information now…imagine what they’d give me if I joined with them in the

MLM business.

Imagine how fast this person can show me how to become financially free.

So giving a ton of value up front is very important.

The next thing that you need though is credibility. Now credibility can come in a lot of different forms. The best kind of credibility is third party word of mouth credibility. Having others say great things about you is a wonderful way to get people to see you as the real deal.

Another great way of earning credibility though is almost a trick but it works. It’s being published! Being a published writer, having a video published somewhere other than your own website.

But here’s the great part. It doesn’t have to be published offline anymore. Having something published online these days is just as credible. So in other words if you have articles that you’ve written for you

MLM business

and you’ve published them at and it shows that you’re an “Expert Author” then you’ve got credibility from that.

Because frankly, most people don’t realize that anyone can just write an article and publish it, so then when they read your article they think “wow, this guy must be good”.

Other places to look credible are through press releases, or guest posts on someone else’s blog, or a mention from someone else’s mailing list.

Then there’s always the biggie of having a print book published, and nowadays self publishing is easier than ever, and just about anyone with even a meager budget can do it.

So there you have it… A few great ways of having people nearly bragging over the fact that they’ve joined and partnered with you and your

MLM business



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