The Secret for Getting Stuff Done in Order to Grow Your MLM Home Business To a Point You Are Financially Free…

dollarThe funny thing about people who join an MLM home business is that a lot of them think that the joining part is the part that sets them on their way to becoming financially free.

If you’re in that group then I hate to break the news to you, but it’s just not true at all. The joining part is just the first little baby step part…

The secret to getting your MLM to that point however is pretty simple. It’s basically getting the stuff done that needs to be done.

Now I’ve talked about this plenty. Click here for an example.

Okay there’s probably a good chance that you know WHAT you have to do, and that you have to do it, but sometimes even though you know those things, you just can’t seem to get off your butt and do them (or on your butt in the office chair)…

If procrastination is killing your MLM Home business and you’re not able to get the things that need to be done for some reason that you can’t figure out then your problem is lack of motivation.

You see, there is different types of motivation. There’s the rah rah rah type that pumps you for a few minutes to maybe get you started doing something. That has it’s uses. Like I said it might get you pumped up enough to start, but then again it might not.

You need a true motivation, and usually that motivation has to come from deep within.

If you’re wanting to get a home based business off the ground then you have to get through this my friend. If you’re struggling because you’re not moving then YOU right now are your own worst enemy and therefore you must defeat yourself. Well that sounds weird. You must defeat the part of yourself that’s holding you back.

Now the real secret to that is to have a huge fat reason to get it done that’s going to be painful if you don’t. That’s right. The human brain will work a heck of a lot faster running from pain, than running toward pleasure.

Basically your brain likes to be comfortable and content – and as long as it’s there then it’s not going to do much of anything for neither pleasure or pain. Therefore if you want your MLM business to grow like mad then you better start fabricating some pain so that your brain will hightail your body into action.

So what sorts of pain are we talking about? Physical pain? Well no, because a more powerful force to your brain, what it reaaaaaallly does not like is humiliation. You would be very surprised what a person would do to avoid humiliation. And so you have to get yourself into a position where if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, that you’ll be basically mortified with humiliation.

The greatest way is to make a public announcement. Perhaps a public challenge.

You might do this in front of your family for instance…

What if you told your family that you were going to get 10 people to join your MLM home based business opportunity within 60 days at the next family party, and you planned a celebration party for sixty days into the future.

Well by gosh what would happen is your brain would certainly get to work on that goal. In fact you may actually start talking to people to join your MLM business right there at the announcement party just to get a head start.

You could do the same with something like weight loss.

Let’s say you throw a party, and you bring a scale into your living room right slap in the middle of the party. You start clinging your glass to get everyone’s attention, and announce right then and there that you’re going to weigh yourself for all to see. At first everyone will assume you’re just drunk but then they’ll start to realize that you’re serious.

In front of everyone you step on the scale and have your honest Uncle Tony who wouldn’t lie for you or anyone else in this world (we all have an Uncle Tony, especially if you’re from the Bronx)…you have him read the weight out loud. You also send a mass email to your entire contact list that gives your weight, as well as an invitation to your 50 pound weight loss celebration party in 90 days.

What do you think you’d start doing the very next day? That’s right, you’d start doing all of the things that will cause you to lose weight.

Now here’s the deal with your MLM home business. You may be in a position where humiliation might be coming in the form of a foreclosure or bankruptcy. This may be your chance to turn that looming humiliation around. This may be the time that you start doing what needs to be done so that your kids don’t look at you as a failure, and your spouse doesn’t lose hope in you.

Either way, the point is to solidify your motivation in your mind and let your brain get the hint in a very clear manner that you body needs to get into gear to make some stuff happen… or else all hell is going to break loose.

If you can tap into this sort of motivation, you can move mountains… or just build a mountain of a downline for your MLM home business.

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