The Most Neglected Part of Your MLM Business Which Might Be Killing Your Success!

note1In the MLM industry, there are tons and tons of talk about prospecting and recruiting. In fact nearly everything that you ever hear about is about that side of the business. But on the flip side there’s something that isn’t as sexy, isn’t as exciting, but may actually be slowly killing your business.

The something is called your retention rate. If your retention rate in your MLM business is dismal then you need to get that under control right now, or else you’re going to always be like a hamster on the steel wheel in the cage – squeaking round and round, but never getting anywhere.

Let’s face it…the reason that you joined MLM in the first place was because of the dream of having residual income working for you. Leveraging off of the efforts of your downline, and earning off of their efforts! Basically working toward a day where you can eventually walk away and still have an income flowing in.

Well, if people are dropping out of your MLM downline as fast (or usually faster) than you’re putting them in, then you’re going to have a real problem getting to that point.

How to Increase Your Retention Rate in Your MLM Business

First – Connecting on a Personal Level… It’s important to know that the people who feel like they have connected to you PERSONALLY will find it harder to quit than those who don’t know you on a personal level. This doesn’t mean to falsify that feeling or create synthetic relationships. I’m saying that each and every person that joins your team, especially those on the front lines of your downline, should be on their way to becoming your friend and family.

It’s as simple as sincerely caring about your people and letting them know that you care. Getting to know them and letting them get to know you.

Second – Insist on Commitment… When someone personally commits to something, especially if it’s a written commitment, then subconsciously they will find it very hard to wiggle out of that commitment.

In his bestselling book “Influence: The Pyschology of Persuasion” the author Robert Cialidini dedicates a whole chapter on Commitment and Consistency. It basically says that people will do whatever it takes to not look inconsistent to a public commitment that they’ve made.

Therefore if you get someone to agree to do something and they write that down…or better yet, post it somewhere that others will see it… then it’s more likely that they’ll stay consistent with that commitment at all costs.

Now of course we don’t want to use this to manipulate. Sometimes we have to use psychology for good, and getting someone to commit to staying with an MLM opportunity for at least a year before they bail out, so that they have ample time to succeed, is not a bad thing but a good and positive thing.

Third – Success… Most people aren’t going to bail out on a good thing right? Success is a good thing, and a strong motivator to keep going. So it’s important that you do everything that you can to get people seeing true success as quickly as possible.

Not only that but you want to reward their success, even if it doesn’t seem huge. Every little success deserves recognition.

Obviously the people who are seeing success in your business are the ones most likely to stay. Therefore it’s definitely worth the time it takes to work on creating systems that make those people more successful.

This means working on your marketing system so that it’s duplicable, and really working with your downline to show those that join under them to get those people seeing success, get them to commit and stay committed to working on their business, and actually getting to know their downline on a personal level.

Basically creating a family atmosphere!

The thing is that you have to show the people who join you is that you’re there to see them succeed, and that you care about their success as much as you do your own. Because truthfully, their success in MLM IS YOUR SUCCESS!


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