The Most Important Elements of Your MLM Website – How to Get Them Right…

build-a-websiteIf you’re trying to create an MLM website, and are having trouble with it, well you’re not alone. It’s not the easiest thing in the world when you have no experience with it. But don’t worry… most people never even get started so pat yourself on the back.

It’s likely, if I can read your mind a little bit, that you’re sitting there fretting with worry about the design of your website, and where to put this and that element correct?

You’ve looked at so many other sites that you’re face is turning blue, and now they all are starting to look alike. No worries my friend, I’ll give you some tips right now.

Here are the 3 Most Important Elements of Your MLM Website to Focus On Now…

1) Content… Frankly content is King. You’ve probably heard that, but it’s worth saying again. The truth is that you could have a beautiful website and have the wrong content and the website will tank, while on the other hand have the ugliest website with the right message will outperform most others.

With your content you should be expressing the benefits of working with YOU, and then the benefits of your opportunity. Why not the other way around? Because people are seeking a leader that can show them how to succeed much more than they’re looking for an opportunity. People know that if they have the right mentor, that the opportunity is secondary.

You want to always display the BENEFITS of your opportunity and/or products! Benefits are what drive people to buy or join, because benefits reach into the emotions of the human being, where features reach into the logical side of the brain. It’s always important to include both, but to highlight the benefits especially.

To learn how to use benefits go and read the bullets of different sales pages, or popular catalogs. This is a great lesson.

Use short sentences, and small paragraphs (2 to 4 sentences). Also break up text with headers.

2) Simple Design…Don’t get too caught up in the design of your site right now. Concentrate on the content.

When you do build your site, it’s best to just build it on a simple blog so that it’s easy for you to design. For simplicity sake, start out with a 1 column layout with navigation tabs on the top. White background with black text is always the best because it’s easiest to read.

Also use common fonts like Times, Georgia, or Verdana. Don’t mix and match these too much either. Try sticking to one if possible. This makes your site easier to read, which makes it easier to get someone to take action.

If you can get a simple header that might help you site look more professional. But if that’s too much right now don’t go crazy, because it can get tricky actually. If you do use one, don’t put any animation in there (no animation on the page at all). Just a simple picture that illustrates the outcome that a person might want to achieve, or just a picture of YOU! Nothing fancy!

Don’t put too many links leading away from your page. This is leakage, and the goal is to lead people to your “money” page (your opportunity page, the one that um…makes you money).

3) Optin Box… Here’s the deal. Each time someone leaves your site without you getting their information…the chances of them coming back are dismal. So your best bet, especially in a business like the MLM business, is to get the information of as many people as you can get.

Of course you won’t get everyone, but you should shoot for 10 to 15 percent of visitors on a regular site with content, or 30 plus percent on a squeeze page (a page solely meant to get visitor information).

Once you’ve gotten someone’s name email address (at the least) then they now become a lead, and are revealing to you that they want you to contact them again.

Naturally getting them to leave you their info requires you giving them something. What do you give them? A free report or access to a free video or audio usually does the trick. Something of value that will help them get closer to their goals, and will give you credibility.

Now I know that all of this seems like a lot but it’s not all as hard as it seems if you’ve got step by step instructions. Of course normally you’d have to pay an arm and a leg for each of those instructions separately.

But if you look up to the top right hand corner, you’ll see an optin box that tells you How to Mastermind a Downline Explosion. Once you fill in your name and email address you’ll be sent a download link for that ebook which will take you step-by-detailed-step through all of the above and more. A lot more!

So if you want to get your MLM website up and running and start generating MLM leads fast, then stop wasting time and go now and fill out your info.

Then do your Twitter friends and followers a favor and Retweet this blog post so that they can get their sites up as well. If you have a downline already, shoot them the link to this blog post and let them know too. It will help you in the end when they Explode their Downline!

Stop reading…Go… Enter your info!


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