The Importance of Consistency When it Come to Succeeding In Network Marketing

MLMHave you felt a little like success in


has been eluding you?

Are you spinning your wheels but feel like you’re just not getting to that point that you hoped you’d be at by now?

If so then you’re certainly not alone. There are unfortunately way too many people like that in this industry. However, most of those people aren’t on our team, and I believe there’s a reason for that.

One of the Main Factors for Success in


That Nearly Everyone Ignores

So here’s what usually happens in network marketing, or with any home business for that matter.

Someone will get all excited, join up with an


company, work hard for a week, and then they forget all about the fact that they’ve just started a business. Hmmm. What’s wrong with that picture?

Well don’t worry because about two weeks after that, they get a hint of inspiration again, start working a little bit more, and then again when things start getting a little tough they’re done.

Well imagine for a minute if the guy who owns the McDonalds in your town did that. He buys the franchise, gets all excited, tries to sell some cheeseburgers and fries, and then suddenly gives up a week later. He closes the doors for two weeks, and then opens up again. I’ll tell you what happens to that guy. He goes broke, loses his business, his huge investment, and all his credit.

But what happens when someone who spent say $35 bucks on kit, or even lets say $1200 for an executive kit. What happens when they do that? Well they may feel a tinge of guilt for their $35, or a little more guilt if it’s $1200, but they go on with life. But instead of closing up shop, they continue the pattern for a few months…working on and off, a little bit here and there. Then they wonder WHY they’re not rich, and decide that MLM doesn’t work and that it’s a big scam.

What they’ve really done is scammed themselves. They scammed themselves into thinking that MLM was simple and easy, and that they could get rich by doing nothing.

Nothing is further from the truth. Success in


is almost always reliant overwhelmingly by one thing. That thing is CONSISTENCY!

Just like the guy at McDonald’s would never dream of going into that business halfheartedly, nor should you even dare dream of doing that with you MLM business.

You MUST work on your business every single day if you want any hope of having success (especially in the beginning.) Sure once you’ve taken the time to build your business then you can figure out ways to enjoy the fruit of your labor, but NO WAY that anyone can do that in the beginning.

Consistency means setting a daily schedule, even if just for an hour per day, and working that schedule no matter what!

Once you begin that process, you’ll begin to see things start to change, and you’ll see success in


appearing in the horizon!

Now as I mentioned before, there’s a reason why my team tends to see a lot of success in MLM


The fact is that we give them systems to use. We keep them consistently working a set plan that’s proven to work over and over again. If you’re upline sponsors aren’t doing this for you then they’re leaving you to fly blind.


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