Talking to Your Friends and Family About MLM – Why You Hate It


I wish I had a nickel for every person that came to me, wanting me to show them how to create a six-figure income online, but not willing to talk to their friends and family about the business model I introduce them to.

Here’s the major problem I have with this way of thinking…

If you were to go out and buy a shoe store, or a McDonald’s franchise, or a Diner, or a hardware store… wouldn’t you tell your friends and family all about it? Why would you hide the fact? How could you possibly hide the fact? It’s your business!!

When you become a network marketer… IT’S YOUR BUSINESS!

Ok, so I’m peering into your thoughts and you’re saying to yourself… “Yeah David, but I don’t want to look like I’m trying to sell them something”… Or… “I don’t want to look like I’m trying to recruit them into something!”

Well the fact is that you shouldn’t be trying to “sell” them something. If you opened a diner would you be trying to sell them a burger constantly, or an omelet? No, but you would tell them that you or your cook makes a damn good omelet wouldn’t you?

So why wouldn’t you tell them that your MLM company makes some damn good products, and that a lot of the distributors that you work with make some damn good money?

If you had a restaurant, wouldn’t you give them a menu and say “Here’s what we have on our menu”. If you were a musician and you just cut a CD (or I guess they say “dropped a CD these days), wouldn’t you say “Here’s our newest CD, we’re playing next week at so and so place”? Of course you would, so why wouldn’t you give them a brochure with your products and/or give them a DVD to watch of your new business?

You see, it’s ALL in your mind, and how you frame things. I know that you’re embarrassed right now, that you feel like you’ll be ridiculed for trying something new, that nobody’s going to want to get into your opportunity until you’re doing good at it.

I know all of the excuses, and believe it or not, I even felt them at times.

But the difference, the one and only little difference that’s got me where I’m at earning a very high six-figure income and where you’re at is that I worked right through it and did it anyways.

I told people about my new business because that’s what business owners do.

computer-and-moneyIf you want to hide behind your computer and try to make a buck doing that then more power to you, and I truly do wish you the best of luck.

But if you want to be a true business owner, and you’ve decided to choose network marketing as your business then this my friend is the way to success, and the top 10% of network marketers know this to be true.

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