Some creative Mlm resources for marketing

Have you tried every available resource to acquire business and failed? Are you tired of the “experts” feeding you a line? There are untapped creative resources that you are not using to attract business. I will provide you a general idea that you can turn into a marketing line. On the traditional side, you can use pamphlets, business cards, flyers and catalogs to push your products down the line. Most Mlm professionals scorned these elements for favor of other elements. Go to conventions and put out some pamphlets and catalogs and people will pick them up. They are designed to bring in sales down the road. Sorry no instant gratification here!
MLM resources
As you build up your traditional

Mlm resources,

the pamphlets that you hand out can open up eyes and minds. Especially if you use QR codes on them, folks can scan them to find more information. The QR codes are very easy to use and you can have a ton of content linked to the code. The QR code flexibility is astonishing. Traditional printing can be done at home with the help of freelancers that you can hire. Be careful, you get what you pay for, save a few bucks now can hurt you really bad later on.

Here are some digital

Mlm resources

that you can think about. A forum on your website for members and non-members alike could be good breeding grounds for business. The problem is that you will have to moderate the posts. The forum could lead to bigger events such as webinars, online course education to other things. Don’t forget you can publish an eBook, free reports, white papers, and a magazine. Imagine a magazine of your own that you can circulate to your subscribers.

The digital magazine publication is a new idea that has potential. It is not recommended that you use el cheapo software to produce the digital mag. Your

Mlm resources

may want to include a copywriter with design skills. You can do a lot with the magazine and create a variety of promotional items that you can send to a traditional printer. You can create banners to place cards for local charities with your brand on it or for a local presentation. Have you considered animated videos for your business? Animated videos can be the breaker for your stalemate; they are quite affordable and professional. These are some creative ideas to help you break through the rounds of marketing issues.


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