Should You Go to the Live Events for Your MLM Business?

meetingOne of the greatest things about the network marketing industry is the fact that it’s a business of constant self development and growth. There’s always room to improve your self for your MLM business, as well as any other part of life.

There’s really no business in the world that gives as much opportunity for self growth as does owning an MLM home business.

Between tons and tons of literature, training DVD’s, audio’s you have every chance in the world of growing as a person as well as a home business owner.

But another one of the greatest things that the MLM business has to offer are Live Events. These are live events in the form of conventions, as well as special and specific trainings. The bottom line though is that these live events help you grow personally in many different ways.

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Live Events for Your MLM Home Business

There are a number of reasons to go to these events but I’m going to list:

3 of the Biggest Reasons for you to Attend Live Events…

Reason #1: Complete Immersion… Normally people who are running an MLM home business are working sort of alone. Sure you may have your upline and other team members, but for the most part it’s YOU, your computer, and your phone. In other words it can get to be quite the lonely atmosphere to work in.

Live events let you get out to see and hang out with other like minded people, who have the same goals and lifestyle as you. It’s your chance to stand around the water cooler and shoot the…well you know what.

But it also helps create a sense of unity and pride in what you’re doing, which will revitalize you when you’re feeling down and like you’re a one man show. Just thinking back to all of your compadre’s at the company and convention that are probably in the same boat as you is a great way to get revitalized.

Reason #2: One of a Kind Training… Here’s the deal, when you go to a convention those running the thing have a lot of pride in what they’re doing. This means that they’re going to be getting the best people and speakers for this event because they want you to be talking about this for a long time.

Now the same goes for the speakers and trainers. They all have a great sense of pride, and therefore are going to be bringing their best game on. They also often want to “one up” the other speakers and trainers so they’ll share stuff that sometimes they never imagined themselves sharing.

Not to mention that they’ve probably got stuff to sell, so they’re hoping that they’ll leave an impression on you.

So just by being at these events you’re setting yourself up to get some amazing exclusive training that a) You’d probably normally have to pay thousands for and b) Your competition won’t be getting since they’re not there at the event. One tip or trick at a live MLM home business event could easily double your MLM business if you’ll just take action and put to use what you’ve learned.

Reason #3: They Don’t Call it Network Marketing for Nothing… Some of the best ideas and advice at events usually are shared after the event in the bar or lounge when people are standing around shooting the…well you know…

If there’s one thing about network marketers it’s that they’re usually very generous, and even more importantly very caring. Since we make our living teaching people how to become successful in business, it’s very hard to turn that off. So we tend to spill our guts when we see someone who’s interested in succeeding.

But that’s the minor part of the networking aspect. Just imagine that you’re there at an event and you strike up a conversation with someone and find out that they own one of the industries most respected magazines or websites.

Now let’s say that you happen to be pretty darn good writer (or know one) and can contribute to this person’s magazine and add value to it. How well do you think that will fair for your credibility to your leads and prospects when they see that you’re a part of one of the industries leading magazines.
You guessed it, pretty darned good.

So here’s what you should have taken from this blog post. Go to live events. Go every year. Budget it in. You can even get a nice tax deduction for it at the end of the year. It will be one of the greatest things that you’ve even done for your MLM home business.


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