Share Your Mlm Marketing Blunders

There is nothing wrong with sharing your mlm marketing blunders with your team. You can use them to train new members and it is ok to put yourself in the spotlight occasionally. Mistakes happen and when you learn from them, you will become stronger and more flexible to changes. Hiding blunders from your team is ok, but they could end up making the same errors. You could have prevented them by sharing your mistakes or accidents. Most professionals are embarrassed over rookie mistakes and try to cover them up like bad habits. This should not be the case, it is better to be transparent and have respect than lose respect later on and teammates. Call it whatever you will, but sharing them will help others find comfort in your confidence.

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Confidence is not something you are born with, it is earned by experience. When you make a mistake, you have to learn and let it go. It could help someone else overcome a problem that they are facing. Some mistakes are silly and others are heart breaking. If you can share them in detail and without shame, your confidence will grow. Most people have problems listening to constructive feedback, because they have faced a lot of negative commentary in their lives. You have to remember that your team is there to learn and to improve their skills. Your bad habits or blunders can help them stampede through to new challenges. It is ok to have a little grief, but do not let it give you fear.

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When should you share your mlm marketing blunders? The best time is through monthly meetings, through emails, newsletters, videos or conference calls. Chalk it up as training time for your team. Encourage your team to learn from the blunder, be open and answer their questions. One of the best ways to tell the tale is to jot it down before it fades away from memory. You can share your notes or put it in a video. Have fun with using your blunders as a way to train your team to reach new levels. Your team may respect you more and feel a bit easier coming to you with their own blunders. You have to build trust and relationships with every member on your team.

Your mlm marketing team should be stronger after you share your experience. A team’s bond is only as strong as the trust it has among itself. If you can share your blunders and your team can share theirs, you could have an unstoppable team. What do you think? What blunders have you shared recently with your team or with the world? Do you need help in becoming a superstar? Contact me today for personal coaching.


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