Selling Success: How to Accomplish Selling Success for MLM

Selling SuccessIt’s important that you’re able to achieve selling success in MLM. It’s one of the most useful skills that you’ll learn both in MLM as well as life in general actually. So it’s something that you’ll really want to focus on…

But… let’s cut right to the chase. Let’s get one of the big myths of network marketing out of the way. So many people market their MLM opportunity by saying that you won’t have to “sell” anything. They use words like “share”, “recommend”, “consult”, “suggest”, etc. but they refuse to utter the word sell.

The truth is, and you know it if you’ve done any research at all (if you haven’t then you’re about to find out the truth right away)…you’re going to have to sell in MLM one way or another. You’re either going to sell product, or you’re going to sell the opportunity. That’s how MLM works. That’s how people make money. That’s how the company grows. It’s no secret, and it’s actually a good thing.

So isn’t it better to learn the skills to see selling success early on in the game, rather than struggle like crazy, trying to pretend that you’re not selling something. What if you got a job at the local car dealership and tried to pretend that you weren’t selling. How long do you think you’d last?

How about the local realtor? Are they selling you a house, or are they just “recommending” a house? Well you could play with the words either way you want, but I bet you that the best realtors are studying to learn “selling success” rather than “recommending success”. (Are there even books on recommending success? Hmmm maybe that should tell you something).

So How Do You Achieve Selling Success in MLM?

Now with that said, selling in MLM is a little bit different than a used car lot, as far as pushiness goes. Just because you’re selling something does not mean that you have to be pushy.

One of the easiest ways to see selling success in MLM is to market your opportunity correctly in the first place, so that you’re correctly targeting the prospects that already want what you have. This makes your job infinitely easier.

The great late marketing legend Gary Halbert once said (and I’m sort of paraphrasing) that the best place to sell hamburgers is in front of a hungry crowd. So to shortcut your way to selling success, you should sell to a market hungry for an MLM opportunity… or hungry for the products within your opportunity.

The next thing that you want to make sure that you do in any selling situation is to focus on the benefits. For example most MLM’ers will go through a whole pitch to their prospects, and try to run through the entire compensation plan, only to end with blank stares. Instead of focusing on the features of the compensation plan, focus on the fact that it’s easy to start earning $1,000 per month your first month because of fast start bonuses.

Or that after a certain time, as with Agel the company that my wife Ann and I are with, that you get a certain amount of money allowances for car payments, as well as travel expenses per month. That’s a huge benefit. Let’s face it, if you buy a BMW, you may not know how the engine works, but you still know that it’s an awesome car, and that it drives smoothly, and the leather interior is amazingly comfortable for long trips. Same goes with MLM.

Last but certainly not least as far as selling success is the fact that you should use your selling tools supplied to you by either your company or your upline if they actually know what they’re doing. Ann and I have developed websites that take the prospect through a funnel, and we let our downline use this website when they want. Agel through a vendor, gives out DVD’s and success magazines to help distributors show the opportunity. Use these! They’re tested over and over again, and improved upon so that they become more and more effective.

Not utilizing these for your own selling success is crazy!


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