Secrets to Forum Marketing for MLM


top-secret-stamp-thumb7864460If you’ve been in network marketing for any amount of time, then you’ve probably been told somewhere along the line that you should be marketing in the online discussion forums.

In case you don’t know what a forum means… it’s basically a place where individuals within a certain niche or interest will hang out, and ask one another questions.

Basically it’s in a threaded view, meaning the question will be on top, and the answers will be one after the other from top to bottom.

They started out as newsgroups in the early days of the internet, and are even sometimes even referred to as that.

The beauty of forums is that you can usually leave what’s known as a signature file in them. This is much like the signature file you’d leave in your emails…where you can put a little blurb about yourself, and leave a URL for someone to click to.

So this is why you’ve been told over and over about marketing your opportunity in the forums, because of that ability to add a URL to the forum posts. The problem however lies in the fact that most people do this totally wrong and basically just go in and SPAM the forums.

A lot of people will simply go in and post basically an ad for their opportunity in the forum section, and in essence piss off all of the other members of the forum.

Just so you know, most forums…the good ones…have what are known as forum moderators. These are equivalent to bouncers at the club you were at last Saturday night, and when they see mischief, their job is to rapidly boot you out…and block you from coming back in if possible.

Forums can be a goldmine of opportunity for recruiting for network marketing if done correctly. If done incorrectly then they’re just a waste of everyone’s time.

There are numerous e-books out there that teach you forum marketing. A great many of these have it all wrong and unfortunately feed into the SPAM problem, much like the Twitter e-books floating around that are destined to ruin Twitter for good.

You must go into the forums with the mindset of having the utmost respect for the moderators of course (before they kick you out on your butt), but more importantly for the members of the forum.

After all, these are the people who you want to try and attract to you. These are the people’s attention that you’re after, and the last thing that you want to do is make them hate your guts right off the bat.

It’s the equivalent of walking into a party and telling everyone about your products and then leaving. Who the heck wants to deal with that?

The Step-by-Step Secret Formula for Marketing Effectively in Forums

Now listen…

There is a simple secret formula to being extremely effective in the forums that I think that you should know about. The problem is that I don’t want to ruin the formula for everyone by placing it out in the open here.

I have written that formula in the first chapter of my book “Masterminding a Massive Downline Explosion”. In that book I give a step-by-step plan for recruiting in the forums.

Normally the book sells for $77, but as a reader of my blog, whether this is the first time you’ve been here, or the 50th…I’d like to give not only that first chapter, but the entire book to you for FREE!

This won’t happen forever…so go now and learn the secrets of effective forum marketing…and then tons more! Let me just say that where everyone leaves off on the subject of forum marketing (which is basically to answer questions with a killer signature file) I go into the nitty gritty of actually having people looking forward to your forum posts, and clamoring to join YOUR downline.

Go check it out for yourself for FREE for a very limited time! (And that’s only the first chapter of the book)!

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