Recruiting Professionals in Network Marketing: Why You Should Recruit Real Estate Agents…


recruiting_real_estate_agentsWe’re back to the Recruiting Professionals in Network Marketing series, and today I’m going to tell you why you should recruit Real Estate Agents.

It’s sort of funny, because Real Estate Agents are one of those rare entrepreneurial spirited people in our society, who don’t get a negative stigma from those out in the world. I suppose it’s because so many people deal with them on a daily basis.

Also because they’re looked at as professionals who can very often make a lot of money.

The fact is however, and this is good on our end, is that real estate agents very often don’t make what they’re worth. Their incomes fluctuate with many factors. It’s a seasonal business, and even the smallest of breezes that blow from an economic standpoint can greatly affect the real estate market from one month to another …not to mention when it’s in a total downswing like it is now.

So real estate agents are great because they’re very often looking for a supplemental income, and again, they already have an open mind to network marketing because of the fact that they’re entrepreneurial by nature. They don’t want a boss, they want to make their own way in the world…without an income ceiling, and they know that it’s possible to do.

This means that they also usually have a very high belief in themselves. This is crucial in the network marketing industry. Essentially you’re selling yourself, not so much your company. You have to be able to convey that to your prospects, and real estate agents know that first hand.

In order to sell a house, they cannot go into a selling situation meagerly. They must possess confidence. They must have belief in their product (the property) as well as themselves.

One of the great things about real estate agents is that they’re used to marketing themselves, and can often bring some extremely innovative and useful marketing strategies to the table. They’re great at writing small ads that get attention. They’re used to hustling to show houses, making calls to prospects, following up vigorously, etc.

Again the real estate market is a feast or famine type of situation therefore the really good ones know that picking up the phone, and writing brilliant ads is what is going to put food on the table.

That brings another great point. Real estate agents are used to working for commission. In fact that lifestyle is what drives them. It’s a rare breed of person who can live without that steady paycheck…and those who have lasted in the business have that trait very strongly.

That being said, many would love the chance at a residual income. To have money coming in monthly for work that they performed just once! That’s a major appeal to them, and anybody really who is used to making their money from one time events.

Where to Find Them

Seriously, if you can’t find a real estate agent then you’re not looking for them. They’re all over…in fact…they’re probably coming to you very often.

But you can find them in the phone book, in the newspaper, and in those free real estate magazines that you can usually pick up at the grocery store for free.

Online you can go to most of the usual old places…

Forums, directories, and the social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Simply do a search for “real estate agent” or “realtor” or something to that nature. You can do the same in Google and get a lifetime supply.

So there you go…there are plenty out there. You just need to appeal to their emotional hot buttons that I’ve mentioned and you’ll probably start seeing your downline grow pretty rapidly!

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One thought on “Recruiting Professionals in Network Marketing: Why You Should Recruit Real Estate Agents…

  1. I agree realtors are a great prospect because the know what it takes to market and sell themselves. I find another good prospect are car salesmen and saleswomen. The idea of an extra paycheck every month is a great benefit you can offer them.

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